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Nicolas97 a dit …
Team Calzona and MerDer always </3333 But Shonda kills all her good ships we know that already. However, both Arizona/Eliza and Mer/Nathan are really well written so far imo! <3
Tbh I like most things in greys rn but if it wasn't for Japril and Bailey I wouldn't watch it, it's good but much different than it used to be. Like oth after s6 posté il y a 2 jours
Nicolas97 a dit …
I knooow! Jesse Williams becomes a bit hotter every jour *_*

I ship Arizona/Minnick so far, they seem really cute! <33 About Minnick I'm not sure yet, she has some good moments and some bad moments, global, ensemble I like her but I'm team Webber on the job thing ;) You? Oh, and how about Mer/Nathan? I ship them hard after 13x20! posté il y a 7 jours
Nicolas97 a dit …
Yessss I watched it today and I fell in l’amour with them all over again, and I remember when we used to freak out over them back in s9-10 <33 The Japril episode was my favori the whole season! And I honestly adored Jackson so much, he's an amazing character! I almost teared up in the end with his mom.. And April was the best, always l’amour her <3 posté il y a 9 jours