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thecakeistrue23 à dit à propos de fans of PoM
Has anyone kept in contact with Dalton/Dylan/Gumball17?? I've been trying to find him again with no luck :/ posté il y a plus d’un an
Rainbow_Cookie commenté…
NO, and it makes me upset! He's one of the first people i actively searched for when I tried finding old Friends (like Emma and Hannah), and I couldn't find him anywhere! I really wish I knew what he was up to now a days, he was such a great pal :c il y a plus d’un an
Rainbow_Cookie commenté…
NEVERMIND, I FOUND HIM! He's on Facebook still but I probably shouldn't share it publically, ahaha. I'll ask him if he has any récent social media ou any interest in reliving the past with us il y a plus d’un an
thecakeistrue23 commenté…
Omg yay!!!!! il y a plus d’un an
thecakeistrue23 à dit à propos de fans of PoM
Why am I getting such a strong urge to draw for this fandom again and draw a bunch of ship art with my OC and make it all super gay (like me) agshshsjd posté il y a plus d’un an
Rainbow_Cookie commenté…
Honestly, let's just do it. Revive the place with just the 4 of us. il y a plus d’un an
thecakeistrue23 à dit à propos de fans of PoM
Hi guys! I Lost my mot de passe and email for my old account but I used to be _Lexii23_! I miss toi all so much! If anyone is still around hit me up and I'll give toi my tumblr url ou smth! I've been talking to Emma and I really miss this place! Hope you're all doing well!! posté il y a plus d’un an