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who knows why the sonic characters wears gloves?

3 answers | my answer: i think it's because they want to pick up items wit...

salut peoples!!

2 answers | my answer: "Free" off of sonic free riders,it is just amazing!...

i heard there is a war going on between Knuxsu and Knuxouge (kinda like the one going on between Sonamy and Sonsal). who is better as Knuckles' soul mate?

10 answers | my answer: i'm not in this war but if i had to choose it would...

where did amy rose come from?

1 answer | my answer: starting out as rosy the rascal,amy came from sonic...

What is up with all the Sonic hate?

11 answers | my answer: well i like them,and i think sonic is much better t...

why does so many ppl hate cosmo?

4 answers | my answer: i think it's because the ppl that hate her are the...

Who are your haut, retour au début five favori Sonic girls and guys?

12 answers | my answer: guys 1st.shadow 2nd.knux and scrouge tied 3rd.sil...

do toi think sega should put plus female characters in sonic games

7 answers | my answer: i agree also,sally,bunnie,mina,and cosmo plus plus...

if toi wanted to be a character, what would toi be?

33 answers | my answer: mostly silver but if not shadow

Whats the best sonic charater SONIC TAILS AMY SHADOW SILVER EGG MAN

9 answers | my answer: silver ou shadow