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étoile, star Wars

étoile, star wars alphabet!

16 answers | my answer: L- Leah.
Harry Potter

What is your favori Harry Potter movie?

15 answers | my answer: Order of The Phoenix
Harry Potter

Why does Snape kill Dumbledore?

7 answers | my answer: THANK toi SO MUCH! I haven't gotten that far, toi c...
Harry Potter

J.K Rowling reported that Dumbledore is a gay ..Do toi agree??

17 answers | my answer: Uh, why should anyone care? ._.


22 answers | my answer: my cat Bramble :)

My cat died yesterday morning and I feel like I'll never get over his death, please help :'(

21 answers | my answer: I feel you, it's hard going on without your best fr...

I own 10 cats.How many do toi own?

24 answers | my answer: 2 From hell
Les Simpsons

who likes the Simpsons

10 answers | my answer: every1 in this club
Les Simpsons

why do people l’amour the simpsons?

10 answers | my answer: bcuz theyr funny....and so is this
Les Simpsons

Why they are yellow ?

41 answers | my answer: 2 make them look as funny as they act