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What's Yuri?

8 answers | my answer: girl X girl but yaoi (boy x boy) is way way better

Will anyone read my chiot Prints story on the Kiba Inuzuka spot?

1 answer | my answer: sure post a link

Bet ya cant name an animé character whose name starts with "Z" =D

24 answers | my answer: zabuza (naruto)

Post a picture of your pretty anime-fied desktops.

33 answers | my answer: blood + plus

Who's your favori Kuroshitsuji (Black butler) character?

13 answers | my answer: i actually hate alois. my favoris are ciel, sebas...

Post the best animé cry ever

10 answers | my answer: though my favorite, cute moment for crying is blood...

What are the FUNNIEST Anime(s) YOU'VE seen?

141 answers | my answer: ouran high school host club and black butler

Well this may seem like an odd question, but I am making a comic/manga, and my main character is she-male, I was wondering if anybody knows of any other manga characters that's also She-Male?

6 answers | my answer: ummm...if toi mean like a transy then "boku no futa...

What manga series should I read?

4 answers | my answer: well cut out romance and supernatural.....then ther...

Does anyone now a good romantic,comedy, action story????=]

21 answers | my answer: (tbc- not finished story (done- story done Naruto...