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how could sylar forget elle when he told his mother that he had killed the only woman that ever loved him referring to her..??

7 answers | my answer: Well, maybe because he's killed so many people he j...

Should I lend my friend my old ballet slippers ou the ones I'm using now?

50 answers | my answer: This is just my opinon, but I would lend my friend...

What are toi afraid of?

68 answers | my answer: Falling I'm not really scared of heights because I...

ok, my b-day is comeing up & my mom is giving me 55 dollars! & i dont know what to get,what sould i get?!!!!=)

30 answers | my answer: SHOES!

how DO toi get to sesame street?

18 answers | my answer: Only Elmo knows the way.
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Who's hotter? Edward Cullen ou Justin?

28 answers | my answer: ♥ Edward ♥ I l’amour boys who sparkle! I'm almost...
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What singer/band should guest étoile, star on TDI/A?

7 answers | my answer: I think Avril is cool also, but an awesome band to...
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who is your least favori TDI character?

36 answers | my answer: I hate Heather and Owen. Owen just gross and Heathe...
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Name all the songs toi can think of that remined toi of Duncan & Courtney without repeating any.

5 answers | my answer: Tiffany Blews - Fall out Boy Lying is the most fun...
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do toi want to be in the TDI-Fanpop users drawing?

28 answers | my answer: Oh Yes please! I have spikey hair sorta like Alice...