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notbrandyss à dit à propos de Princesses Disney
I can't wait to see the Lilo and Stitch remake! it's gonna look awesome! the aliens will look like something out of étoile, star Trek. posté il y a 10 jours
uploaded900 commenté…
There's a Lilo and Stitch remake?! il y a 10 jours
deedragongirl commenté…
What? I didn't know that?!?! il y a 9 jours
MissCinico commenté…
This is so disappointing, I wish they’d leave good films alone, sometimes the remake ruins the magic, toi know? il y a 5 jours
notbrandyss à dit à propos de Princesses Disney
missbrandy is not me, she's just a fake trying to steal my attention away. she's passing off as me. posté il y a 14 jours
deedragongirl commenté…
Then toi don't post all those immature commentaires here, to prevent this sort of things from happening. il y a 13 jours
notbrandyss à dit à propos de Princesses Disney
cognac, brandy MUST BE TIANA IN THE LIVE ACTION PRINCESS AND THE FROG REMAKE. And they better not whitewash her ass. posté il y a 26 jours
cruella commenté…
Huh? il y a 26 jours
Sparklefairy375 commenté…
*sigh* again? il y a 26 jours
Mongoose09 commenté…
^ MDR I agree! il y a 24 jours