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mhs1025 à dit à propos de Princesses Disney
Today is my 6 an anniversary of being on here! Wow! 6 amazing years! I can't to spend 6 plus on here! posté il y a 19 jours
deedragongirl commenté…
Congratulations! il y a 19 jours
Sparklefairy375 commenté…
Congrats to toi 👏 il y a 19 jours
Mongoose09 commenté…
Congrats :) il y a 18 jours
mhs1025 à dit à propos de Montgomery Gentry
RIP Troy! toi will be missed! posté il y a 4 mois
mhs1025 à dit à propos de Luke Bryan
This club needs plus fans. posté il y a 4 mois
mhs1025 à dit à propos de musique
I l’amour all kinds of music. I can't live without it. posté il y a 4 mois
CokeTheUmbreon commenté…
Welcome to the musique club :) il y a 4 mois
Metalhead98 commenté…
musique IS FUCKING LIFE ITSELF! il y a 2 mois
supardana commenté…
I l’amour musique too,but not all of music.I really like pop musique and reggae music.But i don't like rock ou metal music. il y a 2 mois
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wavesurf faîtes-moi des propositions pour my comments
Hi, there! Thanks for adding me! Here is a hommage for your comments!!! posté il y a 5 mois
mhs1025 commenté…
Thank you! And you're very welcome! il y a 5 mois
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I <3 him! posté il y a 5 mois
mhs1025 à dit à propos de Princesses Disney
The reason I've been very MIA is because my PC finally gave out on me. I finally got a new one yesterday and I hope to be on here alot plus than I have been. I've missed toi guys! posté il y a 5 mois
wavesurf commenté…
^Sorry to hear that toi had computer trouble. Glad you're back! il y a 5 mois
mhs1025 commenté…
^ It wasn't just computer trouble, honey. Not only did I have to use an internet key to get online, I also had a broken l’espace bar! Plus, whenever I logged on here, it would sometimes take me forever to post some stuff, like an article. I'm glad to be back, too, par the way! il y a 5 mois
wavesurf commenté…
^Ouch. That sounds like a major inconvience. Sorry, that toi had to endure all of that. il y a 5 mois
disnerdtobe commenté…
Sorry to hear that. Glad to see you! il y a 5 mois
cherl12345 a dit …
Hi, Mary posté il y a 6 mois
mhs1025 à dit à propos de Princesses Disney
I just watched Moana for the first time on Netflix, and I gotta say this all in one sentence-WHAT A HELL OF A MOVIE! I'm so glad I watched this! Out of all the Disney films, this is the best damn one I've seen in a long time! I could talk about the characters for the rest of this mur post, but I'm saving that for a future article. Plus, what a great "sick day" movie! (I had to have one of my teeth pulled yesterday. And I'm STILL recovering. :P) Anyway, what did y'all about Moana? posté il y a 6 mois
disnerdtobe commenté…
I KNOW RIGHT? Such an AMAZING movie. And I would l’amour to read your future article! il y a 6 mois
wavesurf commenté…
Moana and Maui were fun, likeable leads; I adored Gramma Tala, and the musique was spectacular. Those were my thoughts after watching it. All in all, the best coherent princess-related movie I've seen lately, with a solid plotline. il y a 6 mois
BelleRose829 commenté…
Ikr! Moana was lit! *dabs* I loved Moana I watched like 8 times when it first came out, I've calmed down about it plus though since it's been a while, but still an awesome movie. il y a 6 mois
deedragongirl commenté…
Moana's I Want Song is ten times better than Let It Go!! il y a 6 mois
Fans, toi may now rejoice. Someone already beat me to it, but I have to say something. I was on Netflix just now, and, drumroll...There is now a series on there based on the movie! It's called "Spirit: Riding Free" and it looks CHARMING! posté il y a 7 mois