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Harry Potter

Were toi disappointed with anything in the Deathly Hallows 2?

15 answers | my answer: that Tonks lupin Fred and snape die and Dramione...
Harry Potter

What do toi think was the first thing Snape thought when he first saw Harry?

15 answers | my answer: he would of looked at the eyes and a dit in his head...
Harry Potter

Do toi feel like Breaking Dawn being made in to 2 parts is copying Deathly Hallows?

29 answers | my answer: yeh they copying
Harry Potter

Can I watch somewhere Daniel Radcliffe's "How to succeed in Business without really trying" online?

1 answer | my answer: toi tube
Harry Potter

How did HP change your life?

5 answers | my answer: it Lost my chance to be populaire
Harry Potter

Did toi want to actually see Neville in action teaching Herbology at the end of the DH movie?

3 answers | my answer: like hell i <3 neville
Harry Potter

How old were toi when toi discovered the world of Harry Potter?

202 answers | my answer: 9 and i waited to :( but that jour a letter came for...
Harry Potter

Bonnie Wright/Ginny Weasly...

5 answers | my answer: go ginny 4th fave person
Harry Potter

who did toi wanted harry to be with

16 answers | my answer: Rima Touya not from harry potter from vampire knigh...
Harry Potter

Who Would toi Rather Go Out On A rendez-vous amoureux, date With

27 answers | my answer: Neville pertly cos im a lot like luna