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American Dad!

Is Roger gay

19 answers | my answer: Duh he kissed steve thousands of times. He had sex...
Walking Dead

Which season 1 characters do u expect to die in season 4?

8 answers | my answer: I say Carol. If it comes to the worst. Carl, the gi...
Walking Dead

If toi were in The Walking Dead and everyone died except one person to help toi fight off the zombies, who would it be?

6 answers | my answer: Daryl he kicks cul, ass in "Survival Instinct" :D
Walking Dead

Who recently hads been watching the walking dead? And what are the 3 questions rick would ask before toi joined his group?

1 answer | my answer: 1: I've killed - I Lost track. 2: I've killed abou...
Walking Dead

This may have been asked before, so I apologize if it has. If everyone is infected with the virus, and will change regardless of the cause of death, why does a non lethal scratch ou bite cause one to turn into a zombie?

1 answer | my answer: They have the virus inside of them... After having...
Walking Dead

How can zombies feed without a functioning digestive tract? Wouldn't the starve? They only appear to be starving now in season 4 as nourriture is getting short.

3 answers | my answer: You're right but wrong at the same time. I've watch...
Walking Dead

If the zombie apocalypse was to really happen what's your game plain for survival ou would toi just die

5 answers | my answer: I would get my loved one out get in a vehicle that...
Alpha et Oméga

This ain't A&O, what's your username?

19 answers | my answer: Mine is after my favourite A&O character Humphrey,...
Alpha et Oméga

If toi want 10 hommages answer my question best answer will get the props.... combined the names lily and garth

10 answers | my answer: Lirth ou Garly
Alpha et Oméga

when will alpha and omega 2 come out????? i have been seeing stuff on websites saying that it comes out july 27 and may 12 and april help me out

3 answers | my answer: It comes out 10/8/13. I think straight to DVD.