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grayzeer à dit à propos de animé
Does anybody have any good recommendations? I only just really started getting into anime/manga a little past a an ago. I have seen and enjoyed titles such as Fairy Tail, Ouran, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul ect posté il y a plus d’un an
kise-kun commenté…
toi would probably like Magi, Elfen Lied and Death Parade, but what do I know lol, toi should check them out and see if toi like them ^_^ il y a plus d’un an
katjaneguen commenté…
I have a habit of recommending kimi to boku to every single person who asks so....KIMI TO BOKU! il y a plus d’un an
naruto12354 commenté…
toi could also watch sword art online if toi really want to, Im not saying I enjoyed it but toi might, the same with steins gate oh and I forgot to mention parasyte is pretty cool, weak ending but still ok durarara is cool as well same with guilty crown and kuroko no basket is pretty funny il y a plus d’un an
grayzeer à dit à propos de Loki (Thor 2011)
Tom Hiddleston was definitely the best choice to play Loki. He portrays the character so well! I especially loved his jouer la comédie in the first Thor movie, particularly the scene in which he finds out he is adopted and the son of Laufey. posté il y a plus d’un an