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duncney16 à dit à propos de Total Drama All-Stars
Do toi remember when Chris a dit the vote was two to three? Gwen told Courtney she wouldn't vote her out and get Zoey not too either if Courtney voted for herself? Gwen didn't vote her out and neither did Zoey. Mike and Scott did... And then Courtney kept to her word and voted herself out. So if Courtney didn't keep to her word, she would still be here. So hommages for Courtney for keeping her word!!! That's a true person right there. She's grown so much this season. l’amour toi girl posté il y a plus d’un an
duncney16 à dit à propos de Total Drama All-Stars
ARE toi FUCKING KIDDING ME. Why the fuck would then send Courtney home. I'm so fucking pissed. I don't wanna see Gwen Scott ou mike win. Courtney deserved this plus than anyone. I guess I root on Zoey. She deserves it too. But I hate this montrer so much now, these writers suck posté il y a plus d’un an
xXcentalifeXx commenté…
ME TOO! I can't believe that these writers would make something up like that tonight. All of the big plots that we're written semi-well, TRASHED because for some reason Courtney deserved to be her "TDA-self". BullSHIT. il y a plus d’un an
duncney16 commenté…
It's actually ridiculous. I was so excited when Courtney won the challenge! But of course chris changed the rules, again. I hate him too. And mike. And exactly! The build up of Courtney and mike in the finalie trashed. Fuck these writers il y a plus d’un an
duncney16 à dit à propos de Total Drama All-Stars
Alright mal has got to go. I can't believe he blew up Courtney's spot like that! I don't wanna see her and Scott in a fight ou her and Gwen. Honestly what the fuck. This prévisualiser got me so fucking mad. I can't believe it. If Courtney goes accueil I will forever hate this montrer and the writers. What idiots posté il y a plus d’un an
morin9 commenté…
your opinyion il y a plus d’un an
morin9 commenté…
hears what i think of coutney il y a plus d’un an
PuppiesXD commenté…
Ik right! I just hope Mal doesn't make her much worse. il y a plus d’un an