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Harry Potter

i know this is a stupid question, but would u wanna fight in the battle of Hogwarts?

22 answers | my answer: i like to think that i would. especially at the end...
Harry Potter

Until now, I never really wanted to read the livres because I thought they might be too long to read but are they truly worth being read...?

21 answers | my answer: My friend has been egging me to read the livres for...
Learning French

can toi help me???

1 answer | my answer: Almost! It should be "Qu'est-ce que vous aimez p...
la saga Twilight

What do the pictures on the cover of the Twilight livres have to do with anything ou were they just put there for show?

15 answers | my answer: first book, Twilight: the pomme on the cover repres...
la saga Twilight

Why does everyone like these books? They are TERRIBLY written

94 answers | my answer: I guess because the story is original. the l’amour bet...
la saga Twilight

Is everyone who played in Twilight still going to be in New Moon?

9 answers | my answer: As far as I know, all of the original cast is going...
la saga Twilight

I'm going to make a Twilight Presentation for school and I really need some help, please!

8 answers | my answer: toi could try Twilight lexicon. it has all of the b...
la saga Twilight

Does anyone know why the vampires dont have fangs?

12 answers | my answer: It's probably plus inconspicuous. So that the Culle...
la saga Twilight

If u could bee in any of the twilight films in whice one would u like to be in?? And as what carater??

23 answers | my answer: I think I'd like to be Jane in New Moon. I'm not su...
la saga Twilight

When toi can live forever,what do toi live for?

21 answers | my answer: toi live to see other's happiness and love. toi hav...