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Les Frères Scott

Help. What is the episode where haley is tlaking to brooke in season 6a nd its dark and she mentions twilght? Please answer

1 answer | my answer: I think it's 6x19, Letting Go.
Les Frères Scott

The last scene with Brooke in episode 7.09 left me really confused and I would like to know everyone's opinion: Why do toi think Brooke threw away her birth control pills?

2 answers | my answer: a) She wants to get pregnant so bad so she threw th...
Les Frères Scott

Which Episode?

2 answers | my answer: This is 2x17, Something I Can Never Have. They are...

I was wondering where can I find the episode 4x07 on internet, 'cause I really can't wait to see it. Thanks :)

3 answers | my answer: I usually go to and look for liens the...
la saga Twilight

What happens if people REALLY think that they are vampires?

10 answers | my answer: Seriously?

Are the plus letters ou what??

8 answers | my answer: Peyton mentioned them in a Breyton scene. There sho...

Just wondering who created the Brucas spot?

2 answers | my answer: I have no idea. I think Janni knows though. :)

anyone know were i can download bl clips not Youtube brooke and is down. really want to make a video

3 answers | my answer: Just so toi know, the website is back. Link is some...

I l’amour the BL scene in this promo but I can't find a proper clip of it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find one?

2 answers | my answer: It's a deleted scene. Maybe Mark realized that it d...

Ok, guys, there've been an info that all the BL's kisses in S5 and 6 were made with the help of Chad's doubler... I watched them 100 tims but I didn't see the substitution... And u??

9 answers | my answer: I don't think there was a substition but it sure LO...