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biebersgirl100 à dit à propos de Justin Bieber
OMG !!!!! THE SONGS "AS LONG AS toi l’amour ME" and "BOYFRIEND" are so addicting !!!!!!!1 posté il y a plus d’un an
jdbfanforever commenté…
i think boyfriend and maria are i just start chant them out of no where il y a plus d’un an
gabbymalik commenté…
im justin biebers girlfriend back ladys dont even try he is mine i even sang with him on stage we sounded great to gethere and he gave me a Kiss told me i was buetiful gavee me fleurs and choclates l’amour him il y a plus d’un an
jdbfanforever commenté…
yeah right he already has a girlfriend dummy il y a plus d’un an
biebersgirl100 a dit …
OMG !!!! im obsessed with !!!!!JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!link posté il y a plus d’un an