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areee à dit à propos de Austin Mahone
know matter how cute and adorable he is.hes needs his l’espace like everyone else and i would l’amour to be Friends with him and make sure hes sûr, sans danger and happy.and i would l’amour to let him know that im not one of those fakes because im not like most girls if toi really like him give him plus space. and montrer him that your not a fake that's what i would do because i l’amour him in the best way possablie. his musique helped me he helped me. in a non creepy way. he seems like a nice guy he deserves it to <3 :) posté il y a plus d’un an
I_LUVE_AUSTIN commenté…
hts really true if i were him i would like personal space.........but 2 bad im sufering from mahomie fever I CANT BE CURED! il y a plus d’un an