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amzel à dit à propos de aléatoire
It's really cool to see a lot of toi all are still on here. posté il y a 9 mois
BlindBandit92 commenté…
salut amzel wb il y a 9 mois
zanhar1 commenté…
fanpop is still pretty lit. par lit I mean, like, the feu is this tiny candle that is burning out but we keep trying to relight it and somehow it's working even though the flame is ready to die. il y a 9 mois
Riku114 commenté…
I might have seen toi but I doubt XD Might have been just a bit before my time period on fanpop it seems. Anyways, nice to meet toi XD il y a 9 mois
amzel à dit à propos de aléatoire
poulamikundu commenté…
;) il y a plus d’un an
*looks around*
*aggressively inhales*
*leaves* posté il y a plus d’un an