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  • Male, 21 years old
  • Tirana, Albanie
  • Favorite TV Show: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the DuckTales reboot
    Favorite Movie: Alpha and Omega franchise; Nolan's "The Dark Knight" triology; The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit trilogy; Zootopia; most Pixar films
    Favorite Musician: Dr Dre, Eminem, D12
    Favorite Book or Author: Harry Potter livres
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TimberHumphrey à dit à propos de Alpha et Oméga
remember back when A&O 2 first came out, and we all thought King would be a better villain? boy, were we wrong! posté il y a 8 heures
Imagine7197 commenté…
Ikr? Such a disappointment. il y a 8 heures
SentinelPrime89 commenté…
King is a coward. All talk, no bite. I’ve actually grown to like Tony better as an antagonist. Maybe not a particularly interesting antagonist but I could see where the screenwriters were trying to go with him. il y a 1 heure
JazzyJazz98 commenté…
At least Princess was pretty cool. Still, it would’ve been better if the whole movie was devoted to this conflict instead of Kate, Humphrey and the pups just fucking off for the last 10 minutes. I just don’t understand how someone could just waste an interesting story like that. il y a 1 heure
TimberHumphrey à dit à propos de Alpha et Oméga
Richard Rich.... he's not a good director. hell, he's terrible. like, genuinely awful at what he does. it's still almost impossible to believe this is the same guy who co-directed The renard and the Hound back when he worked at Disney posté il y a 9 heures
TimberHumphrey commenté…
because he didn't write those. Tom Kane did. Rich only produced the first movie and directed the fourth one il y a 8 heures
HumphreyWolfMan commenté…
Oh yeah thinking about it, Tom Kane probably was the one that wrote the fourth one, though the first one seems to be fine as an inspirational movie, especially if Richard's production was the reason why it existed. il y a 7 heures
HumphreyWolfMan commenté…
I deleted my first reply just in case it's false information. XD il y a 7 heures
TimberHumphrey à dit à propos de Alpha et Oméga
yeah, now that i look back, i gotta say: A&O 4 doesn't really hold up that well anymore. granted, it's the best sequel in this shit franchise, but when toi judge it as a movie overall.... it's not that good. i mean, sure. it does have the ingredients of a good story. it just needed a longer runtime and a better writer posté il y a 1 jour
Bobsheaux commenté…
And what is the point of making ANY sequel when these writers don't care about world-building? Daria MIGHT have been an interesting addition to the cast, but because they didn't know what to do with her, she's never mentioned again. (Meanwhile, Brent making jokes about Twitter and mocking the mentally handicapped is a laugh riot, apparently.) We have ghost loups now? Okay, why didn't we see anything like that before, and why haven't we seen anything pertaining to that since? If we're following up on the idea that alphas and omegas have different schools of wolfing (as was established in the first movie), why don't we see Lily doing something an omega MIGHT do? Why take her omega pups on a field trip to a haunted forest? il y a 21 heures
TimberHumphrey commenté…
because that's what the writer wanted. he couldn't think of anything better, so he decided to throw them into a haunted forest... because reasons il y a 9 heures