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Harry Potter

Who are the haut, retour au début three cutest guys in HP? <3

68 answers | my answer: HARRY, RON AND MALFOY!!!
Harry Potter

Who else will be watching Deathly Hallows Part One on DVD ou Blu Ray?

6 answers | my answer: I HAVEEE!
Harry Potter

wats ur fave HP spell?

21 answers | my answer: Expelliarmus & Expecto Patronum"!
Harry Potter

Your Patronus?

76 answers | my answer: zac efron i think! hahahah!
Harry Potter

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!You will always live in our hearts!

13 answers | my answer: HAPPY BITRHDAYY!
Harry Potter

post a cool pic of Harry Potter

9 answers | my answer: Mine Here!...HOPE U LIKED!
Harry Potter

Post the most beautiful picture from any HP movie toi can find..Everyone will get hommages

43 answers | my answer: Mine...[i made ]
Harry Potter

The very first character u HATE in HP?????

82 answers | my answer: Peter Pettigrew
Harry Potter

Post a picture of the Characters of Harry Potter in animé form. below is a example

20 answers | my answer: Mine!
Pirates des Caraïbes

Why do toi like Jack Sparrow? CONTEST!

30 answers | my answer: because he´s funny and HOT!