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is there gonna be a season 8 cuz of that writers strike cuz in england it only goes up to season 7?

2 answers | my answer: Season 8 just ended in USA. There will be no season...
Harry Potter


55 answers | my answer: No I hate it. Of course!! Duhh!! Same as these gu...
Harry Potter

Why does voldermort have slits for a nose?

11 answers | my answer: What those guys said, and the fact that it shows in...
Harry Potter

What Hogwarts House do toi truly think toi would be in, not House toi want to be in.

165 answers | my answer: Honestly? Slytherin. I am sly and determined, and...
Harry Potter

in the 'order of the Phoenix' was black pushed in the arch not killed ou killed then pushed in the arch:?

9 answers | my answer: In the book, he was hit par a red beam of light par B...
Gilmore Girls

Okay... I'm a new fan of Gilmore Girls (YAY ME!!) but does Tristan ever get Rory!! I want them together so bad!!!!!!! UGH help!!

7 answers | my answer: Nope, not even close. Tristan leaves to go to Milit...
Gilmore Girls

Is there a new season of Gilmore Girls on it's way to TV?

4 answers | my answer: It will just be new to that channel. Gilmore Girls...
Gilmore Girls

Why was Rory arrested?

4 answers | my answer: She a volé, étole a Yacht with Logan :S

Are toi sure there will be a 9th season?

4 answers | my answer: Yes, It has been confirmed.

I'm wondering??!! people all ovr the cuntry, what season is ur country onn in SPN(comment nd tell me where ur from)

19 answers | my answer: I am in the UK, where we are currently at episode 1...