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crème glacée

What is your fave type of ice cream and where do u buy it????

16 answers | my answer: my favoris are Blue Bell's chocolat chip cookie...
David Tennant

which one of his "accents" do toi like best scottish english ou american

22 answers | my answer: the English accent he does is adorable, but his rea...
Ryan Reynolds

Do toi think Ryan will be a good Chris Redfield in a Resident Evil movie ?

4 answers | my answer: oh, definitely, I would l’amour to see that happen!
acteurs les plus canons

Who is your favori hottest actor?

46 answers | my answer: James Roday. he is so hot and amazing. <3
Masiela Lusha

how old is she?

1 answer | my answer: she was born on October 23, 1985, so at the moment...
Jason Segel

does any one know who jason dating?

1 answer | my answer: There's a rumor going around that Jason is dating C...
Common Law

Who's the funniest?

2 answers | my answer: It's hard to say, they're both very witty and funny...