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L’Île des défis extrêmes


35 answers | my answer: l’amour girls: Heather and Lindsay :D hate girls: Gwe...
L’Île des défis extrêmes

Whos YOUR TD crush

39 answers | my answer: I loved Alejandro but im over him now :)
Lady Gaga

Can toi rejoindre my Gaga vs. Ke$ha spot?

14 answers | my answer: God, Ke$ha sounds like a dying cat on stage. at lea...
Lady Gaga

If u got 2 meet Mama Monster, what would be the first thing u would say???

10 answers | my answer: idk what i would say, i would either 1. faint 2. st...
Lady Gaga

do your Friends ou anybody toi know make fun of lady gaga?

12 answers | my answer: no one does, but then again, they would know not to...
Lady Gaga

would toi change your mind about lady gaga after this picture??i would think she is a man:)

11 answers | my answer: nothing can change my opinion. :) dont ruin my toda...
Lady Gaga

What do toi think of her new song Born This Way

22 answers | my answer: it makes me have a hold new perspective on life :)
Les Pingouins de Madagascar

What kind of musique do toi think the penguins (or any other character) listen to?

12 answers | my answer: always pictured Skipper listening to Lady Gaga :/ P...
Les Pingouins de Madagascar

Happy International manchot, pingouin Day!

8 answers | my answer: OH SO MY MOM WAS RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? sh...
Les Pingouins de Madagascar

Anyone a fan of Skippski?

12 answers | my answer: How many pairings are there?!?!?! the only one from...