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im kinda new here.. and i can't figure out how to become a fan of someone on here.. can someone help me??

4 answers | my answer: first of all welcome :D second. if toi go to somone...

From which country are you?

117 answers | my answer: technically, i dont know if im from a country, but...

What Was your first profil icone ?

55 answers | my answer: ha this :P

Around what part of the jour do toi go on fanpop?

18 answers | my answer: first thing when i come accueil from school ou whereve...

What's your fav. thing to watch on YouTube?

128 answers | my answer: extremely pointless and funny vids along with musique...

What are toi going to be for Halloween this an 2010?

27 answers | my answer: Lady Gaga XD
Zim l’envahisseur

Post the funniest Invader Zim picture toi have.

18 answers | my answer: YES! i died from this X)

What was the first song toi listened to in 2011?

49 answers | my answer: well its not an official song but salut XD its someth...

Who is the worst live singer in your mind?

12 answers | my answer: well i dont really like how Katy Perry sings live....

If toi could have any musician sing at your wedding, dead ou alive, who would it be?

46 answers | my answer: Lady Gaga X) hahaha i plan to have her songs playin...