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She thought he loved her because she simply didn't want to believe he didn't, not because she actually perceived any signals; that's willful ignorance, not stupidity, albeit they may go hand in hand. Mikasa did care about others, but it was very overshadowed par her infatuation with Eren, at least in the beginning. This is probably because they were trying to establish her character way too fast and left nothing to the imagination until much later. posté il y a 1 heure
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The shinigami was so heavily tied to Light, and she knew it. She is far from stupid; she's just willfully ignorant. I'll take your word for it, and I am open to my perspective changing with the release of the final season. We'll see what happens. posté il y a 1 jour
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I do see that Mikasa has genuine reasons for her obsession. I've always known that. My problem is that, at least for a long time, she doesn't have a character other than that. She's just obsessed all the time and has no personality other than her infatuation. That's why I hate her guts. However, this may have changed, so ofc, we'll see. il y a 1 jour
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Misa has a sense of eccentricity and uniqueness that Mikasa lacks. I prefer plus erratic and sporadic characters, and Mikasa is a bit too monotonous and anticlimactic to fit that standard. This is not to say she can't be enjoyable, but I feel that the excessive production and promotion of stoic characters in the animé industry has become very stale. There is very little we've not seen before. posté il y a 3 jours
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There are also other occurrences in Misa's life that are thanks to Light; he killed a man that was trying to rape her. After surviving both a rape attempt and the murder of your family in cold blood, with the exact same person there to save toi in both instances, toi become pretty attached, to say the very least. In addition, there are a lot of other theories indicated par the manga as to pre-existing mental illness and potential emotional abuse. If, hypothetically, either of these were true, it could cause some serious Stockholm Syndrome. Therefore, there is much plus behind Misa's past to institute yandere behavior than there is behind Mikasa's. While the latter possesses very valid reasons for her attachment, they pale in comparison and hence cannot be likened. il y a 3 jours
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This is where I return to my comparison of Misa to the Joker. While there is a shallow foundation of reasoning for her actions, the details are preserved in an enigmatic fashion so as to get fans involved in the analysis of her character arc. il y a 3 jours