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After 50 days, there has been a 30% decrease in the U.S. box office take of CoG when compared to the box office take of FB after the same amount of days. (I pretty well figured there was going to be at least a 20% decrease based on Depp's remark about assassinating Trump.) posté il y a 1 mois
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Head of House, Professor Sprout, teaches herbology.
Dormitories are near the kitchens.

Hufflepuff, ou should it be Huff le puff, sounds like the House of Stoners. posté il y a 10 mois
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Buckbeak's execution rendez-vous amoureux, date was set for 6 June 1994, which was Draco Malfoy's 14th birthday. posté il y a 11 mois
pinkbloom commenté…
Its insane thinking of buckbeak getting executed il y a 11 mois
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Any chance I could get toi to vote and maybe leave a commentaire in this Disney vote I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and commentaire and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) posté il y a plus d’un an
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To anyone who has ever complained about Ron saying to Harry "He's got a point, toi know" when Snape calls Hermione an insufferable know-it-all in the POA movie: Let's say that Ron responded with what he a dit in the book. Then they segue into the Quidditch match. Then people would be saying "How come Snape didn't give Ron detention?" Then let's say that Snape does say Ron has detention. Then people would be saying "How come there isn't a scene montrer Ron scrubbing lit pans?" And so on... posté il y a plus d’un an
Mongoose09 commenté…
I don't get your point. Many fans have a problem with that quote because it's entirely out of character for Ron to defend Snape. He just wouldn't do it. il y a plus d’un an
Pensieve_Seeker commenté…
*heavy sigh* Because if one thing was in the movie, then fans would start whining about all the other things not being in it. il y a plus d’un an
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I remember seeing this video on Youtube of clips from HBP that were set to Metallica's King Nothing, but now I can't find it. posté il y a plus d’un an
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What if Dobby was Hagrid's size and Hagrid was Dobby's size? *ponders thoughtfully* posté il y a plus d’un an
zanhar1 commenté…
This is the most important commentaire I've read all night. :') While we ponder this can we ponder what would happen if the Sorting Hat and the Whomping Willow switched sizes. Like would it be the Sorting Tent? il y a plus d’un an
Haonako commenté…
omfg what if ron was a muggle born while hermione was a pureblood il y a plus d’un an
simpleplan commenté…
I l’amour these x3 il y a plus d’un an
I can't believe there are people out there who think that Rupert is going to be with Emma at the Golden Globe awards. posté il y a plus d’un an
A Grintson shipper tweeted "Rupert has t-shirts who says "i l’amour Emma Watson". It's photoshopped! LOL!!! posté il y a plus d’un an
MorganaLisbeth commenté…
It would be so nice if it were true, isn't it? il y a plus d’un an
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Best caption! PS sorry these are so late I was busy posté il y a plus d’un an