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who is prettier? Bella, Zendaya ou Debby Ryan?

35 answers | my answer: All are fine.

Worst Disney Princess and why?

21 answers | my answer: I like all of them for different reasons, but I thi...

What Disney princess films have characters from other Disney movies?

6 answers | my answer: I guess this doesn't count as a Disney Princess mov...

Do toi hate gays and lesbians?

87 answers | my answer: I don't, and I strongly support gay rights.
Harry Potter

Who's the best Hogwarts professor?

24 answers | my answer: Ooh, I don't know.. I l’amour Snape, McGonagall, and L...
Harry Potter

The very first character u HATE in HP?????

82 answers | my answer: The first character I disliked (hate is too strong...
Harry Potter

I clearly don't understand so i'm just gonna ask this... WHY DO SOME PEEPS HATE DRACO?!?!!?!?!?!?!

17 answers | my answer: I l’amour Draco, but I can see why people would dislik...
Harry Potter

What H.P. character's childhood do toi want to know plus about?

34 answers | my answer: The Black Sisters (Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Androme...
Harry Potter

What is toi favori Non Canon pairing?

65 answers | my answer: Remus/Sirius Draco/Harry Hermione/Harry (I still...
Harry Potter

Which characters would toi Snog, Marry ou Avoid?

62 answers | my answer: Snog- Remus Marry- Severus Avoid- Ginny