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post your zodiac sign in animé form

46 answers | my answer: Aries! This pic is sooo cute!

Post an animé character that toi think is awesome

26 answers | my answer: Ciel Phantomhive...but it would be my absolute DREA...

What is your japanese name?

58 answers | my answer: Koizumi "small spring of water"

Name an animé character that has a creepy-ass ou annoying laugh.

9 answers | my answer: Go ahead. Make HIM laugh.

[30 Days animé Challenge - jour 3] Your animé crush.

31 answers | my answer: @/////////@ Ulquiora....

Any animé character that has hair over their eye.

25 answers | my answer: I'm surprised this wasn't posté yet! The Black But...

post a character wit gray hair

16 answers | my answer: I'm surprised no one posté this yet! Ladies and ge...

Post an animé character with a scar.

17 answers | my answer: Undertaker has several scars on his face and body....

favori animé fights?

13 answers | my answer: Ciel Phantomhive vs Alois Trancy!

Post a character that exhibits really bizarre behavior.

6 answers | my answer: Undertaker, duh!