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Harry Potter

Who else thought that the 6th movie was really good but was disapointed that they cut out/changed a lot?

9 answers | my answer: Yes, but after how many films and years now- toi s...
Harry Potter

Who thinks that EMMA Watson couldve easily played Bella in Twilight (if she died her hair brown)??

11 answers | my answer: If she wanted to insult intelligence and play the s...
Harry Potter

What Scene/Part in the Deathly Hallows Film Are toi MOST Looking Foward To?

6 answers | my answer: Any Bellatrix Lestrange moment. Especially when she...
Harry Potter

Your favori HP character is..?

100 answers | my answer: I l’amour Bellatrix Lestrange she is my favori Witch...
Harry Potter

favori Character?

23 answers | my answer: Bellatrix Lestrange, sister-in-law to your beloved....
Bob l’éponge

What's your fave spongebob episode?

29 answers | my answer: I think "Sunday" is pretty funny. He makes that dis...
La Petite Sirène

Why is king Tritan so strict to ariel??

12 answers | my answer: Because as all Dads and Rulers he really just wante...
Bellatrix Lestrange

Why are toi a fan of Bellatrix?

14 answers | my answer: Because she is a crazy and beautiful witch who stan...
Helena Bonham Carter

Does anyone think that Helena would be perfect for playing Essme in twilight?

10 answers | my answer: Dont go there! I mean it, toi really really dont wa...
Helena Bonham Carter

Does anyone know if HBC has a étoile, star on the hollywood walk of fame ou something like that?

2 answers | my answer: not that I know of. But she certainly deserves one....