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WolfFreeland a dit …
Have toi watch The All chiens Go To Heaven TV Series?
They had 3 seasons on dvd. It was a great montrer ^^ posté il y a 11 jours
Bobsheaux à dit à propos de Alpha et Oméga
Happy Independence Day, everybody! posté il y a 3 mois
WolfFreeland commenté…
I know I’m late to say it but Happy Independence jour to toi too Bob ^w^ il y a 3 mois
Bobsheaux à dit à propos de Alpha et Oméga
So let's review... In Dino Digs, the pups made a stink over how they're WILD ANIMALS, so them living in an artificial habitat is just plain wrong. Now it's looking like there might be a movie in which they partake in a TROPICAL VACATION? Whatever they're smoking at Splash Entertainment CAN'T be legal... posté il y a 3 mois
TimberHumphrey commenté…
that whole studio can't be legal with all the shady, con-artist stuff they come up with il y a 3 mois