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Harry Potter

So, for those who celebrate Christmas, did toi get any HP merchandise?

12 answers | my answer: Daethly Hallows Game;) i've already have Fantastic...
Liverpool FC

Who is the greatest Liverpool player EVER?!

9 answers | my answer: steven gerrad, of course ;)
Michael Jackson

Did toi cry at his memoral?

28 answers | my answer: yes of course ;(
Michael Jackson

Everyone rejoindre in with my Tribute to MJ for his birthday!

15 answers | my answer: very nice idea ;) i'll draw something ;)

Who made this spot? Because...

2 answers | my answer: i think that monLOVEbrucas made this spot;) i think...

One word to describe Ron and Hermione.

11 answers | my answer: l’amour

post your favourite Romione picture! (mainly from the latest years and a bit unusual if toi can..!!)

5 answers | my answer: so it's kinda well-known but not everyone-see-it-10...
Emma Watson

Post a pic of Baby Emma ! (props)

5 answers | my answer: I found this one;) so cute!
Emma Watson

Post a pic of Emma in black dress (props)

5 answers | my answer: mine;) she looks stunning!
Emma Watson

Emma Contest

4 answers | my answer: mine :)