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AtomicWedgieBoy à dit à propos de Wedgies
I wish this club were way plus active and popular. 😭 posté il y a 5 jours
AtomicWedgieBoy à dit à propos de Zendaya Coleman
(Regina George voice) Hollywood, stop trying to make Zendaya happen. It's never going to happen. posté il y a 8 jours
AtomicWedgieBoy à dit à propos de Emmy Rossum
I'm shocked Emmy didn't attend the Golden Globes, since going to red carpet events is the only way she can get any sort of attention. posté il y a 13 jours
hatelarxene commenté…
LMAO. Where is the lie, though? 😂 il y a 13 jours
AtomicWedgieBoy commenté…
Seriously, Emmy is so thirsty for anything that will get her attention for being the C-list celebrity she is. MDR il y a 13 jours
hatelarxene commenté…
Emmy's not a C-lister. She's a D-lister, rofl. 😂😂 The only reason her net worth is $12 million is because she threw a tantrum and demanded equal pay as William H. Macy for her mediocre work on Shameless. Even though she's not nearly on the same level as Macy. il y a 12 jours
AtomicWedgieBoy commenté…
Forget her being a D-lister, I wanna know why Emmy Rossum seems so fake all the time. il y a 11 jours