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Is getting a psychic reading/palm lire a sin?

12 answers | my answer: I'm not sure if its "sinful" but it's usually a rip...

Is asexuality a sin?

11 answers | my answer: Why would it be?

Are Christians allowed to eat on Good Friday?

5 answers | my answer: Well I'm allowed to eat but I can't eat meat

Do toi hate gays and lesbians?

87 answers | my answer: Nope not at all

What do toi think about Westboro Baptist church?

5 answers | my answer: Those people need a serious reality check. I can't...
Harry Potter

Do toi think The Hunger Games will be the suivant Twilight in terms of rivalry with Harry Potter? ou do toi think both fandoms will avoid being compared?

4 answers | my answer: It will be compared but not that badly. The hunger...
Harry Potter

Do toi think they should make books/movies about all the Characters kids?

11 answers | my answer: well.... i think that's sort of "selling out" but o...
Harry Potter

Reanswer! Do I look like Emma Watson/Hermione Grager at all?

13 answers | my answer: Not to offend but no toi two don't look alike
Harry Potter

Describe Luna in one word.

35 answers | my answer: Epic
Harry Potter

How did the wizarding society look at incest?

3 answers | my answer: I think that Purebloods looked highly on it. Most L...