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Alanuk à dit à propos de Friends
I'm searching for an episode.
It's where Chandler (or it could possibly be Ross) is struggling to say something, and he keeps going:
"So here's the thing. Let me put it like this. It's like this. This is the thing. How do I say? Well I can start it like this. So this is the thing"
The other person interrupts him and says "why don't toi just say what it is and we take it from there", then he finally spits it out.
Please help! Its driving me crazy. posté il y a plus d’un an
knockout789 commenté…
joey telling chandler that he likes rachel? il y a 3 mois
Alanuk commenté…
Thanks, but its Chandler ou Ross. I've kind of remembered a bit more. There's one time where Chandler is breaking up with Janice for the 2nd time and he hesitates and beats about the buisson, bush a lot till he finally blurts it out. Thats in series 1. Then there's another scene where Ross is doing his geeky thing and keeps saying "now here's the thing". Well, I'm now re-watching the entire set so I will come upon it eventually! il y a 3 mois