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le choix des fans: Yes!
It was Ok
le choix des fans: Judy Hopps
le choix des fans: Judy
le choix des fans: i l’amour it!
i l’ amour it!
pretty good
le choix des fans: Finnck
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Zootopia mur

SentinelPrime89 a dit …
Nick: “So, are all rabbits bad drivers, ou is it just you?”

Judy: “Oops. Sorry.”

Nick: “Sly bunny.”

Judy: “Dumb fox.”

Nick: “You know toi l’amour me.”

Judy: “Do I know that? Yes. Yes, I do.” posté il y a 5 mois
TimberHumphrey a dit …
Judy: What were toi gonna do with those night howlers, Wesselton?
Duke Weaselton: It's "Weaselton". Duke Weaselton. And i ain't talkin', rabbit. And ain't nothing toi could do to make me! posté il y a 10 mois
ShadowFan100 commenté…
Mr. Big: Ice 'im! il y a 9 mois
TimberHumphrey a dit …
i think "Try Everything" should've won a Grammy Award posté il y a 10 mois