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 Téa Gardner 1
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Yugioh Episode 1 Yugioh Kaiba Rips Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
kaiba rips blue eyes
kaiba rips blue-eyes white dragon
posted by Courtneyfan6
[Yami and Kaiba is finishing with their double rendez-vous amoureux, date with thé and Serenity and walking down the road towards Domino City]
Yami: So, thé had a beautiful short red dress and looked amazing!
Kaiba: Yami…
Yami: So, I told her…
Kaiba: Yami…
Yami: That she is beautiful.
Kaiba: Yami: look!
[Then they saw where we are shown a tall building]
Yami: Wow, what is this?
Joey: Good morning! The Wheeler Towers is now opened for business.
Kaiba: plus like Dorkland Towers to me.
Yami: Why did toi build a hotel, Joey?
Joey: I'm glad toi asked, man. Remember when Mai and I went to our vacation and stayed in that fancy...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Number 101: Silent Honors Ark Knight

Number C101: Silent Honors Dark Knight

Number 102: étoile, star Seraph Sentry

Number C102: Fallen étoile, star Seraph - Noble Archfiend

Number 103: Ragna Zero

Number C103: Ragna Infinity

Number 104: mascarade

Number C104: Umbral Horror mascarade

Number 105: Battlin' boxeur, boxer étoile, star Cestus

Number C105: Battlin' boxeur, boxer Comet Cestus

Number 106: Giant Hand

Number C106: Giant Red Hand

Number 107: Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon

Number C107: Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon

Number 108: Sludgeman Golem

Number C108: Deathman Golem

Number 109: Dragon Emperor - Blood

Number C109: Dragon Emperor - Blood Crimson

Number 110: Exo-Suit Slick Dusk

Number C110: Exo Suit Grime Night
I fairly opend my eyes, a swaying motion rocked me like being in a crib. I opend my eyes a little plus to see Yugi above me, I was in his arms. I closed my eyes for a moment, and he chukled, and I heard a key opening a door, click,click,click. It turned three times, and then I opend my eyes onley into slits, and a big wooden door swung open into a beautiful house. I opend my eyes in suprise, it was dark, but I could see the different colors, and funiture. It was a grand manson maybe. House. Building? I didn't know, but it overwhelmed me, and I decided to close my eyes once plus dozing off a...
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posted by Yugi-Game-King
 Sweet,and kind.
Sweet,and kind.
(with Yugi,and Mana in the floor...)
Yugi leaned away,and Mana,and him both couldn't help but blush tomoto red. "I-I...." Yugi was at a loss for words. "It-Its alright Yugi...." Mana said,and hugged him sitting up. "Mana?" "Yes Yugi?" "Would you....Go to Yami,and Tea's wedding with me....As m-my...." Yugi trailed off,and sat back away from Mana. "As your date?" Mana ask. Yugi looked down, sighed,and wispered. "Yes..." "Of chorse I'll go as your date!" Mana exclamed,and bounced onto Yugi,putting them laying back in the floor, with Mana ontop of Yugi this time. They both blushed,and Mana got...
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