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Killer02 posted on Dec 02, 2013 at 04:53AM
The popular cad ame of duel monsters has spread around the world.In fact,it's spread so much that an official world-wide tournament will be hosted,to determine who's the best duelist in the world!this tournament will attract the best of the best,from all over the world!However,lurking in the shadows of this event is a plot that threatens all of humanity!


-No godmodding.Meaning,no wining every duel you play,or using god cards to win.Also,even though i'm not telling you to,you can create your own cards if you like.

-There are no numbers,Exez or however it's spelled,or synchro monsters.I could attempt to make some new version of the card,actually,i just got an idea!Anyway...uh....you get the rule.

-No cursing.I mean,it's yu-gi-oh.

-No sexual themes.Romane is allowed,but not too mushy,and no making every other post romantic.It's gross! >.<

-No one line posts.You're not in kinder garden anymore!

-No disrespecting other rp'ers.Respect the pouch!Respect it!

-Leave all your drama elsewhere.This isn't jerry springer,steve wilkos,or any of that.

-Have fun!And no super raw cards,like egyptian gods,etc...also,none of the yu-gi-oh time line has ever happened.

Character sheet...






Deck:(Say what it's based off of)

Ultimate Card:

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