toi sit there, sipping on your wine. Watching professors, researchers, scientists, and even psychologists receiving awards. Of course they would invite you. They could care less about your studies, lectures, and findings. They just thought toi were crazy; just like your grandfather. He was a great scientist, your role model. His theories, findings, discoveries were out of this planet. The whole town called him crazy, a dit he believed in myths and that nothing was a fact. They laughed at him when he claimed that there was an eighth millennium item. She had read many journals about it after he passed away; trying to decode and solve the puzzle. In front of you, someone else was getting praised for it. It made your blood boil. Ishizu Ishtar had been awarded for finding the millennium earrings. She had not discovered where it was; but apparently it was somewhere on an abandoned island, hidden. toi scoffed. Your grandfather was called crazy for discovering it and here they were praising this women's words. toi were certain she had stolen information from your grandfather.

There were originally seven millennium items; the collier (which was previously owned par Ishizu), the rod, the key, the scale, the ring, the eye, and lastly the puzzle (which was previously owned par a close friend of yours). All seven of these rest in a museum in Egypt after the world almost ended because of their powers. The millennium earrings apparently have been rumored to have the power to control spirits and demons and to protect someone from danger, curses, and black magic. When toi were in high school, your Friends got into so many dangerous and life threatening situations so it didn't both you. toi were up for the adventure anyways, it was what kept toi going.

These same things that your grandfather had discovered. He was so close to finding out where it was, but he died in vain. toi wanted to avenge him, to make those people pay for what they did. Excusing yourself from the table, toi walk over to the front to grab a glass of wine. Once toi turned around, toi came face to face with Ishizu Ishtar. "Oh hello there, professor Orimoto." She smirks at toi and toi felt yourself boiling up.

"What do toi want?" toi growled at her, but softly.

"Now now, no need to be rude. I was just trying to be civil my dear. I'm glad to see toi here, so sorry that toi didn't win an award tonight."

toi grit your teeth together and clench your fists. This woman was testing your patience, she's lucky she isn't on the floor at this moment. toi fake a smile and scoff. "Well, congratulations on your award."

"I see your still fake as ever. toi ruined your career to follow in your grandfathers footsteps and now look where toi are. No one even knows who toi are if it weren't for your grandfather, poor man was delusional. Don't be like him and forget about his discovery okay?"

"Look, toi better take that back, my grandfather was a great man. He discovered it before anyone else; he's not crazy."

"Keep telling that yourself. Your grandmother left him too, right? He was to crazy and absorbed in his work to notice her, right? Didn't Seto Kaiba also leave toi because toi were too busy for him?"

"Shut up, don't toi dare bring him up. toi have no rights to say that." toi walked closer to her, ready to balançoire, swing but stopped when toi felt a pair of eyes on you. Moving back, toi walk away from her and step into the balcony; away from the party.

Looking down at the fontaine below you, toi quietly sip on your wine. toi didn't let your tears fall, toi were stronger than to let that woman's word get to you.

"Well, toi held yourself back pretty well there." toi sigh, knowing exactly who it was.

"What brings toi here, last time I checked toi were a businessman, not a scientist."

"I was invited, plus I knew you'd be here all depressed."

"Ugh I'm not in the mood for your games, Seto. Just leave me alone." toi down the rest of your wine and sigh. toi heard him walk closer to you.

"This is about your grandfather, isn't it?"

"They made a mockery out of him! He was the one who found out about the earrings! He spend days and months holed up in his studies trying to crack the code and they call him crazy? That is was just a myth? Now Ishizu finds information about it and she's being praised about finding the world biggest mystery? This is just bullshit."

He chuckled deeply and is directly suivant to you. He looks down from the balcony. "You're still jealous of her; aren't you?"

"Maybe I am. I'm desperate, I want people to know who I am and to realize that my grandfather wasn't crazy." Kaiba didn't say anything but he just listened to you. That's what he always did; even when your parents passed away, he was there comforting you. It was rare of him to do something like that, but toi two had a strong bond. toi looked over at him and took in his appearance. He wore his usual white suit veste with a blue button up chemise with a slightly darker blue tie. His hair was swept back, so toi were able to see the details on his face plus clearly. toi lightly blushed, but looked away before he caught toi staring.

"Seto, am I really that worthless?" toi say, tears brimming at the corner of your eyes.

He pauses but then shakes his head. "You've sacrificed everything to become who toi are. It's one of the reasons we aren't together anymore.." He sighs but toi pout.

"You're half to blame for us to break up."

"Well, you're not wrong." He chuckled deeply.

toi knew Seto Kaiba since high school. At first, toi never liked his personality and rich persona. Once toi got past that stage, toi both started to see each other a lot. There were many situations that led the two of toi to eventually start dating. Your relationship was never rocky and it got very serious. toi loved him for who he was and toi were sure he loved toi back. Once toi both entered college, the two of toi became very busy. Kaiba with his company and toi were focused on your career and school. toi barely had time to go on dates and rarely got intimate. Both of toi ended things in bittersweet way and rarely saw each other until now.

"Anyways, I should get going. See toi around." toi turn around and walk away from him.


Once toi were home, toi took a bath and changed into something comfortable. toi walk into your study and look around. There lay stacks of books, papers, and camelote, indésirable all around. Most of them were related to your grandfathers case. Looking through everything, toi noticed a book toi haven't seen. Opening it, toi look through the contents. It had the usual things about his findings until your eyes stopped at a certain page. Carefully lire the pages of the journal; toi were shocked to find new information.

"Oh my god, jackpot! Why did I not realize this before?"

toi walk over to the bookshelf and look carefully . toi don't see anything until toi look behind a crack in the bookshelf. There was a whole there. Moving the shelf aside, toi look into the hole a see a small box. Taking it out, toi take it to your desk. There was no lock, so once toi opened it, there was a letter.

Dear Y/N, I hope toi were able to find my letter in time. I had to leave some minor clues in my journal, but toi are smart enough to figure this out. I had discovered where the millennium earring is stored. I had done some research and found the abandoned island in lies in, but some people broke in and a volé, étole my information. I managed to hide the map; it resides with Solomon Mutou, my close friend. Take the key in the box and go to him. Please find it and beware of people who want to steal it. I believe in you.

Tears ran down your face as toi read through the letter. "He went through all this..." Sobbing quietly, toi tightly clench the letter in your hands. "Grandpa...."

Once all the tears cam out, toi were angry. "I'm pretty sure it was the Ishtar's that ambushed my grandfather!" toi swore to get your revenge and to clear your grandfathers name.