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posted by mediadesigns
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much toi can communicate through video!

videosare the great combination of text, visuals & image that intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. This tool can improve communication par using images to see patterns and trends. Most often, these vidéos capture attention & engage people easily because different object & images used in it, enhances the visual system’s ability.

Today's many organizations used corporate videoto montrer your products, services, ideas & much more. Here we share some hidden facts that montrer the power of online videos:

80% of all web trafficcomes from online videos

Over 4 billion vidéos are viewed on toi Tube a day.

53 times plus likely to appear on Google Page 1, plus powerful than traditional SEO.

Accounts 50% of mobile network traffic.

76 percentof marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Face book,
Twitter and blog integration
 Online video
Online video
posted by venomgirlxp
just seeing if this works

Cause Im riting n article ppppppl so dont mind me.
I have to make this longer srry.
hehehehe so bue!

Youtube ROCKS!!!

Watch pewdiepie!!!!

God gotta make it even plus longer!
posted by adaug

Me and emma are chant again! Please subscribe we will sub toi back!!
we had to change our account cuz we forgot our mot de passe to our other one so yeah
plus vidéos up soon promise




It's my first an having a Youtube account!
My url: link

Please sub Ill take video Ideas me and my friend share the account!I have almost 80 vidéos and 2 playlists I cant mettre en ligne a lot of vidéos of me talking cause my parents will get on my back but please subscribe!!

I have Minecraft vidéos (but not a lot)


Ill be uploading a lot soon I have them all recorded and I use windows movie maker and it sucks its so slow! But please check it out!!
posted by nikeheels
Yes! I l’amour justice well---as well as toi do--- But <strong>link</strong> since the good dame's blind, she shall excuse me If, time and reason fitting, I prove dumb;--- The breath I utter now shall be no means To take away from me my breath in future. <strong>link</strong> Old Play.

By dint of charity from the town's-people in aid of the load of provisions he had brought with him into durance, Edie Ochiltree had passed a jour ou two's confinement without much impatience, regretting <strong>link</strong> his want of freedom the less, as the weather proved...
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posted by christians123
Talking about link, there are lots of types of things that we would be able to obtain about shoes in the internet. There are so lots of sorts of sites that can provide us a number of first-rate solutions of shoes.”When I hear Christian Louboutin wedding shoes Anna Wintour vêtement Association, a dit the exhibition this an will showcase the works of Christian Louboutin, I am very excited! This is an acknowledgment of the British fashion. ” Cameron said, “I firmly believe that 5 2 May will be a very, very special night. “New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Director discount link Decollete...
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posted by Hermione7
toi know what pisses me off the most on Youtube? Those stupid chains. Well I hate them because they lack all logic and common sense, if toi want people to believe toi write something that actually is likely to happen. I read one of the stupidest ever last night:
"One jour a boy par the name of Scott Johnson was found dead in his room,doctors couldn't explain they found out that he didn't do a chain commentaire and was killed par a faceless girl in the middle of the night,copy and paste this to six vidéos ou the same thing will happen to you"
First of all WTF? How can a faceless girl kill toi if she's faceless,how will she find toi etc. I also saw something simliar except that "An armless and legless boy will come kill toi in the middle of the night" That one actually made less sense then the faceless girl! I think these stupid comments/chains will banned from YouTube. Who's with me?
Few years before I visited YouTube and suddenly got inspired, and a an before I have decided to launch my own video sharing website, so in the result of all efforts, my website for video sharing link
launched with a good attractive design and functionality, but one an past it didn’t get enough traffic and I m worried that why is it but didn’t get answer yet, that what modifications ou changing in design ou functionality needed to attract the users, so I m posting this question here to the viewers please let me know the steps which needs to achieve to get my website populaire
plz... plz....plz
posted by augustbabe1999
Youtube is a place where toi can post any video side montrer on the interent fast and easy. toi can make fun of people. Help people. But did toi know there are stokers out there who wacth toi on that video. Did toi know they can go to your profil and chercher toi on find people. That is why toi should only go on to Youtube to look at vidéos and to not play around on. If toi are not od enuf to go on Facebook than toi are not old enuf to create an account on YOUTUBE. I hope someday they will learn to stop stoking but until than stay SAFE
posted by Rockstar102
Oh my gosh its Josh!!!Josh is a cool teenage kid who makes vidéos on toi Tube daily.He is super funny and kind of cute(lol.).He usually makes vidéos with his friend Tyler and sometimes with his grandpa.He has fifty-seven vidéos on one user and thirty-three on the other user.He has one video called "Click/This".It is really funny!I was laughing my head off for like 10 minutes!He will also be making a Father's jour video soon. toi should watch it and give me your review of it.Oh yeah! He would probably want to tell toi guys to subscribe to him too.YEA JOSH!!!
Last week Emma01 Asked if I know the band Alphaville. I had to admit I wasn't familiar with that band. So I went to toi Tube and did a chercher for the band. Within secondes I found several vidéos from Alphaville. Thanks to Emma1 and toi Tube I found some new musique I've never heard before.

Simarly enca has turned me on to Russain pop music. With the help of toi Tube I again found vidéos of musical acts I would not normally get to hear if I just limited myself to over the air broadcast radio.

So thanks to toi Tube and fellow Fanpoppers I've found a new world of music.