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Opinion by thegame998 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Man I don't know where to begin. Oh Yeah! First of all my Youtube account is thegame998. I also share an account with my brother call tamia Battles which leads me to my first topic.

tamia Remix Videos: These are so funny. People like tamia Battles, tamia Nation, and cheeseburgerjon download musique and make remixes of them to make them sound like the chipmunks sang it.
See some here: link .

Nalts: One of the most subscribed to users on Youtube. He is so Dang Funny! He posts a new video like every other jour and he is just funny and pretends not to know. Totally Awesome.
See him at link .

HappySlip: A fun girl with funny dilemmas. Doesn't post that much but when she does, it's funny. I suggest seeing 'Tanks'
See her at link