Emer Prevost is the étoile, star of a YouTube film review channel called Reaction and Review. He reviews films that he hasn't previously watched.

I consider Emer Prevost to be 1 of my favori film reviewers. 1 of the show's best qualities is how unique it is. It's a clever idea for Emer Prevost to only review films he hasn't previously watched. He always has the start of his reviews par telling the audience if he thinks the films he's about to watch will be bad ou good which is something that other film reviewers don't do.

Another good quality about Emer Prevost is that he's a very honest person. Instead of exaggerating his opinions he explains his true feelings towards films which is refreshing in comparison to some other film reviewers.

If Emer Prevost ever reads this I have this to say: Thank toi for your film reviews. You're a very talented and cool dude.