Doodletones is Youtube commentator who is very talented, cute, and fun.

First Discovering Doodletones: I found out about Doodletones, because of Rion "Rhino" Mills' commentary on her. Even though Rion didn't like Doodletones' commentary on commentaire Jack I enjoyed her video. I probably liked her video considering she used Cream-chan for her Avatar and defended Benthelooney. Because I enjoyed her commentaire Jack video I decided to check out her other commentaries.

Why is Doodletones Great?: She is par far 1 of the most entertaining people in the Commentary Community. She's really good at explaining why the vidéos she does commentaries on aren't good. I can relate so much to Doodletones due to being a similar age and a l’amour of anime. I relate very much to her personality. I like her avatars. I like the avatars that she made and the animé characters she uses. I really like how quickly she makes commentaries. It's so good to not have to wait too long for new commentaries which Doodletones is great at.

global, ensemble Doodletones is 1 of the greatest commentators of all time. I highly recommend her commentaries.