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 Asta Leigh (Jena Willard Photography)
Asta Leigh (Jena Willard Photography)
Racial issues in America strike a familiar chord for actress and filmmaker Asta Leigh.

Growing up in South Africa, she remembers what apartheid looked like and wants to remind everyone – no matter what their color.

In her new spoken word video, “White Out,” Asta is posing some serious questions about racism to her fellow white people. Recently released on YouTube, she delivers a raw and real plea to humanity to learn from our past and treat everyone as equals.

Asta’s past started with her first 12 years in Cape Town, South Africa before her family moved to Durban. At 19, she left for...
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link can be utilized in combination with some other Western Remedies treatments for infertility. Chinese medicine is better for those who have already tried anything else and have not really been successful. It can also perform for individuals who can't buy to endure any expensive fertility treatments just like IVF. It's really a dependable, risk free, uncomplicated and straightforward method providing toi with quickly respite from infertility. Using traditional Chinese medicine as an link consists of pricking of needles inside the earlobes, brows, eyelids, ear as well as tips of the fingers....
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 "That Darn Girlfriend" episode: Mask-Erade
"That Darn Girlfriend" episode: Mask-Erade
Remember all the situational comedy shows from the late 60’s and early 70’s? Whether family-focused ou set in the workplace, they seem to deliver a plus innocent approach to life than the shows of today.

Well, get ready because creators/actors Pamela Hill and William Joseph Hill are on a mission to bring back the style and tone of these shows from yesteryear. In fact, they just released the 11th episode of their kitschy comedy series “That Darn Girlfriend,” on YouTube (link).

This real-life husband and wife team have been creating this harmless misadventures series over the last several...
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 Alice Dranger
Alice Dranger
Whether toi like to sing in the car, the douche ou in front of a huge karaoke crowd -- have toi ever really paid attention to the lyrics of your favori songs?

Well, actress/singer Alice Dranger is back and doing exactly that. In fact, she continues to ruin them for everyone in the all-new Season Two of her original YouTube series, “Girl Ruins Your favori Songs.”(link).

Directed par Erin Ryan, Alice and her bestie, Rachanee Lumayno, set out to sing some of their fav’s, but it doesn’t take long before the duo discover something isn’t quite right.

Previously, Alice brought big laughs...
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posted by anniemark
Education is the way toward encouraging learning. Learning, aptitudes, qualities, convictions, and propensities for a gathering of individuals are exchanged to other individuals, through narrating, dialog, educating, preparing, ou explore. According to link Education every now and again happens under the direction of teachers, however students may likewise educational they in a procedure called self-teaching learning. Any experience that informatively affects the way one considers, feels, ou acts might be viewed as educational.

Education is usually and formally partitioned into stages, for...
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posted by Mrbiskit
Emer Prevost was the host of a film review montrer called "Reaction and Review." He also reviewed comic livres in a montrer called "What's in the Box?"

Emer Prevost's YouTube career lasted several years. He reviewed films on his film review montrer that he hadn't seen before. He reviewed films that he was interested in seeing including some films he thought would be really good and several films that he thought would be bad.

Emer Prevost's montrer was unique. Most film reviewers review the newest films. Emer reviewed several different types of films which made his film review montrer interesting and special....
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posted by BJsRealm
Just for the record, two people in Scotland can legally get married at age 16.Parental consent is not required at all.In Muslim countries people reach maturity even before that.So,if two people can marry at age 16 how come they can't watch X-rated videos?
posted by alice3499
so now we have Youtube red and Youtube tv is grate right?

nope i think (you can have your opinion) it's not fair to have craters and mainstream media together on Youtube let me explain:

toi have people like Dan Phil pewdiepie markaplier jacksepticeye and many plus grate craters. (this would be too long to even type out to the people i subscribed and there a lot of craters) but now when toi put big companies like: The ellen montrer The late late montrer ou the tonight show.

Don't get me wrong i l’amour these shows but put them on Youtube why? they get most of the vues then they force the craters to uploud plus often sometimes they can't compept so i think what they should do is have Youtube tv people pay for and have Youtube for craters only
what do toi think?
The Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals is a YouTube commentary show. The montrer stars several of the most populaire members of the Commentary Community.

The Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals is a comedy commentary montrer full of people who know how to explain the problems with the vidéos that they do commentaries on. They are smart people. Also they are quite funny. They know how to be witty and amusing. They do commentaries on YouTube vidéos that range from offensively bad to laughably bad.

The Members: The Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals members include: Rion Mills, Dirtbikeredden, Modern Dave, Doodletones,...
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Emer Prevost is the étoile, star of a YouTube film review channel called Reaction and Review. He reviews films that he hasn't previously watched.

I consider Emer Prevost to be 1 of my favori film reviewers. 1 of the show's best qualities is how unique it is. It's a clever idea for Emer Prevost to only review films he hasn't previously watched. He always has the start of his reviews par telling the audience if he thinks the films he's about to watch will be bad ou good which is something that other film reviewers don't do.

Another good quality about Emer Prevost is that he's a very honest person. Instead of exaggerating his opinions he explains his true feelings towards films which is refreshing in comparison to some other film reviewers.

If Emer Prevost ever reads this I have this to say: Thank toi for your film reviews. You're a very talented and cool dude.
Hi YouTube fans. There are several interesting shows on YouTube and several of aren't really well known. The following 5 channels are made par very nice and talented people. I highly recommend checking out these channels.

5. Doodletones

Doodletones is a member of the Commentary Community. She's a very talented commentator who knows how to be both informative and entertaining. She makes vidéos frequently so toi don't have to worry about running out of vidéos to watch.

4. FutureGohanSSJ2

FutureGohanSSJ2 is a cartoon lover. He has plenty of vidéos where he talks about cartoon relater merchandise...
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Doodletones is Youtube commentator who is very talented, cute, and fun.

First Discovering Doodletones: I found out about Doodletones, because of Rion "Rhino" Mills' commentary on her. Even though Rion didn't like Doodletones' commentary on commentaire Jack I enjoyed her video. I probably liked her video considering she used Cream-chan for her Avatar and defended Benthelooney. Because I enjoyed her commentaire Jack video I decided to check out her other commentaries.

Why is Doodletones Great?: She is par far 1 of the most entertaining people in the Commentary Community. She's really good at explaining...
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 Them YouTubers
Them YouTubers
In the last couple of years, no other populaire website seems to have grown and changed as much as YouTube. The kind of high budget production involved in the making of these YouTube vidéos was unimaginable in the 2000s. Back then, it was just a bunch of people shooting in their own rooms. Who would've thought that it would become the superpower that it is today, gradually becoming indistinguishable from television?

I remember the people I used to follow and still follow, in fact. I have actually seen this guy just sit on his chair and shoot himself in a bad wig, lip-syncing to 'Barbie Girl' in...
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As toi may heard, A lot of Disney dessins animés are being pulled par WMG because of the theme songs. They include: Ducktales, Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troops, Raw Toonage, Marsupilami, Bonkers, and many other Disney shows. And I remember DisneysBonkers028 was suspended on February 16th, 2011 because his Bonkers episodes were blocked par WMG. WMG claimed the audio track to his Disney shows and gave him three warnings. That means DisneysBonkers028 was suspended permanently from Youtube. And I hate it when WMG bans many Youtube account as well. I wrote if Disney ever saw Warner musique Group claiming plus Disney materials, Disney would sue WMG for false copyright claim. Well, Here is the issue. WMG needed the special permission from Disney for their long out of print CD called ToonTunes. And ToonTunes does have Disney theme songs.
Copy and pasted from: link


I really mean it! What would toi be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would toi be able to do if écriture fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would toi do if it's illegal to do a cover of your favori song on YouTube? What would toi do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would toi do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet from getting killed par SOPA/TPP!...
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posted by mediadesigns
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much toi can communicate through video!

videosare the great combination of text, visuals & image that intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. This tool can improve communication par using images to see patterns and trends. Most often, these vidéos capture attention & engage people easily because different object & images used in it, enhances the visual system’s ability.

Today's many organizations used corporate videoto montrer your products, services, ideas & much more. Here we share some hidden facts that montrer the power of online videos:

80% of all web trafficcomes from online videos

Over 4 billion vidéos are viewed on toi Tube a day.

53 times plus likely to appear on Google Page 1, plus powerful than traditional SEO.

Accounts 50% of mobile network traffic.

76 percentof marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Face book,
Twitter and blog integration
 Online video
Online video
 Training vidéos
Training videos
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much toi can communicate through video!

It is always quit difficult for listener to visualize PPT & listen toi with same time i.e. PPT presentation does not give 100% result oriented training. For a short ou small demonstration point of view, power point presentations can be recommended. But for events, conferencing ou for demonstrating to a large no. of people, toi must consider the video format. A video with best story telling & visual impact, can easily present complex information quickly and clearly. .

As a safety point of view...
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Great Kurnool is a one stop destination where toi could search, buy, sell and book almost any kind of services. Besides this toi can also post free ads. Ever since the inception, of our company, we have immensely satisfied all the clients to find anything they want anywhere and at any point of time in Kurnool.
We have employed professional and dedicated staff members, who will provide toi services according to your expectations. They will assist toi in all the manners possible and will have a friendly approach towards you. Whether it is your professional requirement ou personal requirement,...
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YouTube notched a major victory when Viacom Lost its landmark copyright infringement suit against Google last month, but Suits – Avocats sur Mesure involving the online-video giant keep rolling in. The New York Times is reporting a group of musique publishers including Warner/Chappell are taking aim at Fullscreen, the company behind many of YouTube’s most populaire videos.

According to its website, Fullscreen counts 2.5 billion monthly views, 15,000 YouTube channels, and 200 million subscribers, making it one of the largest multi-channel networks, ou MCNs, that produces its own content. Their most-watched vidéos include...
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Published: 17th seconde 2012
Which tennis player Radek goes hands on the court ends - remember to Martina Hingis and Nicole Vaidisova. Now famous wrasse announced that the Olympic Games in Londres goes to Petra Kvitova. It's another notch?
We do not in any way say that would not leave womanizer Stepanek had lured achievements Czech sports stars of last an and made ​​his defense over poor timid junior Pavlásek (which could well be Radek's son) way into her bed. So far only about sports cooperation. But on the line is never far from thought to action.

So. Radek Stepanek announced that the...
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