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posted by mindrebel
this is a gudie to posting and to atrace new members it might not be good but i wrote it see this a club to post whats on your mind do anything as lond as its not offesive to anyone ou to anyone who will see it ou toi can just chat ou just hang out and COOL XD see toi could have bideo of someone ssaying that ou have a vdieo of someone working the e=mc squre thing ou have a video of thriller (r.i.p. mj) ou a scray head that jumps at toi but it has to say warning this is a scary video turn down speaker if toi dont want to be scared and plz no spam post what toi are going to do ou ask how to toi might just get 100 people to start doing what toi are just whrite what toi think and if its broke fix it if toi fixed it improve it do whatever so i ask toi whats on your mind