What Supergirl looks like to Conner.
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It was Conner's normal day. He was sitting on the couch, watching America's Funniest accueil videos, when alarm went of and the team was called down to the briefing room.
"Team, i want toi to meet somebody, this is Kara........also, known as Supergirl in the 30th Century" Batman said, sounding a little depressed when he a dit it.
"Hey! Mr. Grumpy Pants! Thought I a dit DON'T say I came from the 30th Century? I don't want any questions and stop brooding over the computer!Anyway, hello, I'm Kara." The girl said. She had long blond hair the went an inch past her shoulders, with bangs the flew in front of her mesmerizing icy blue eyes. She was wearing a blue top, that made a triangle on the back of her hand, outlined with gold. The Superman symbol in the middle of her chest. A blue jupe the same calm blue as the chemise and had a yellow belt. Her red 1 inch high heeled boots went mid thigh. Also, she had a red cape that went down a little past her knees. Conner thought she looked like a girl Superman, only with bright blond hair. M'gann was the first to speak,
"Hi! I'm M'gann Mor'zz, but everybody call me M'gann. That's Artemis" pointing to the green clad archer, who just simply waved," That's Robin" pointing to the boy wonder, he gave a military salute and Kara saluted back, smiling."That's Kaldur'ahm" he just gave a slight nod."That's Wally" pointing to the speedster and he gave a fast wave, she gave a wave just a fast."And that is Conner" pointing over to him. He felt the girls eyes study him up and down. He thought she would immediately hate him like Superman does, instead she just said
"I'm going to kill Kal for not telling me about you, Batman, if toi ou the league try to hold me back, your going to get hurt real bad" Kara said, anger clear in her voice. Robin laughed and said,
"Haven't Lost your comedy side have you, Karrie??"Kara just shakes her head, but she is still smiling. Then, everybody hears a slight growl behind Supergirl. She immediately drops her smile and frowns. She turns around and brings the growling think into view. It's a little robotic dog, about the size of a grille-pain ( a little smaller). Conner cracks a smile at the chiot who just growls at everybody, then walks over to Batman and starts barking at him like crazy, Supergirl does a two note whistle and the dog returns to her side.
" sorry, red tornado forgot to mention he made this thing so protective, anyway the dog's name is, well, i really haven't donné him a name yet, any ideas?" Kara says looking at the chiot who sits right near her foot. M'gann immediately says,
"Why not call him Superpuppy? That's a good name, right?" Kara smiles and bobs her head like crazy. The team is then dismissed and they montrer Kara around. Robin keeps asking her why she was gone for so long and she keeps saying,
"Don't wanna talk about it right now." It was clear she was getting plus and plus irritated par the second, but she kept herself under control.
"So, Supergirl. How do toi and Robin know each other?" Kaldur asked
"Oh! I was wondering when toi guys where going to ask, we met when he literally got me in a trap at the hills in Gotham" Supergirl responded, sounding happy to share the news. She then explained the trap and how she got out.
"I remember when toi finally got out, toi started chasing me around until i called 'Uncle' it was sooo aster" Robin says enthusiastically. Just then a loud alarm went off and the team got sent on a mission in the north pole. When they got there Supergirl was literally blasted away from them.
"Ow! What in the world? What just happened?" Supergirl said, rubbing her head. Kid flash ran over and helped her get up.
"You ok? toi got hit with kryptonite" he asked. Supergirl nodded and stood straighter. She couldn't see who hit her, but she had a nice clue. The rest of the team came over, but she was glaring at somebody behind them. Just the a green laser flew past their heads, they all ducked in time, but the beam hit an ice pillar. Superboy caught it a threw it like he was pole vaulting. The beam came again and destroyed the ice pillar. Artemis loaded her bow and was about to feu when Supergirl shouted at the figure
"What are toi doing here? Your suppose to be in Alcatraz5." Somebody said,
"Oh, toi should know it's kinda easy to get out of there, if toi got a really stupid bizarro girl with you, then again all bizzaros are stupid." The voice laughed, but Kara shot her own red beams at the figure. The heard a cry of pain and the sound of ripping. Supergirl smiled and shouted,
"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hit the arm I broke during our last encounter Metallo? Sorry, wasn't aiming!" A green blast came and M'gann but up a telepathic barrier.
"What's going on? Who is Metallo? And why in the world is he attacking you?!" Kid flash a dit pointing at Supergirl at the end. Kara just calmly said,
"You do know it's not nice to point, right? Now please let me concentrate. I gotta call somebody." Supergirl then closed her eyes. Kid went on a rampage, screaming at her,
"WHAT ARE toi DOING?!?!?!?!?!YOUR NOT A TELEPATH!!!!" But she just simply ignored him. Kaldur put two and two together and calmly stated,
" toi are calling your clone telepathically to ask if she is helping Metallo, yes?"
"Nice job, that's what I'm trying to do but, no offense, but toi guys are being to loud" Supergirl said, directing the last part the Kid flash. Everybody immediately shut up and let her concentrate. A minute later, they heard a big bang.
"What was that?" Superboy asked, but instead of answering, Supergirl just smiled and said,
"Everybody, I would like toi to meet Galatea, Powergirl, my clone." Supergirl a dit in very proudly and a young women the same size and height of Supergirl came out of the dust. She had the same eyes, but the hair and outfit where different. This girls hair was cut into a bod like style and she had no bangs. Her outfit was a One Piece white outfit with short white boots and gloves. She had a or medallion that clipped her red cape together. She smiler and said
"Well well well. I knew he was hiding something, ou in this case someone. toi gonna beat his butt? If so.....i want in!" Just then a big boom sounded, and they finally saw what Metallo looked like, and it wasn't good.
Supergirl introducing the team to her clone, Galatea.