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Okay, I'm having one of those moments again. The kind where I get all depressed about Mercy becoming evil (because I really didn't want her to!) and about how there are WAY to many OC's! Not pointing fingers at anyone, because I'm doing it too, but seriously! If toi want to make an OC, could toi PLEASE just write an article about them first? We need some idea about them first!
That's why I won't be RP-ing at all until I can actually WRITE a story for Casey! I suggest a lot of toi guys do that, saying that some people don't even put up a bio for their character!
One plus point, PLEASE refrain from making plus OC's than toi need! I mean, I get it if toi need to make them for like, one night to make sense of something in your fanfic. I've already deleted a few of my RP accounts, I suggest some of toi do also! But please, don't overcrowd!
And I also learned this term from one of my friends: God modding. That's a big no-no also! So that means, don't make yourself "so powerful that toi can take over the world with the snap of my fingers"; it also means don't be able to just dodge everything that comes at toi and don't be so invincible that toi can be stabbed in the cœur, coeur and be completely fine! (I know, that happened to Mercy, but I will explain that later)
One plus thing (probably not) DON'T control other people's OC's! I know in real life, we don't control other people! So, don't put them in those kind of situations!
Okay! I promise, almost done! I just wanted to give a round of applause to those people who montrer that their OC's are imperfect. They are able to montrer that they go through what a bunch of us go through on an everyday basis! Not being perfect, second-guessing ourselves, and being who REAL people are!
And one last idea! What if: Because there are SO many OC heroes, and not that many villains (That doesn't mean toi need to create one!!) Once toi see that about 2 ou 3 OC's have gotten themselves into a fight, don't swoop in and join... 3 ou 4 OC's only, to make it plus fun and interesting!
**But don't forget to interact and not always be the lone wolf!**
Haha! toi thought I was done! Nope! Just also wanted to say, IF Mercy does come back as a normal hero, NEVER question what she does... E.V.E.R.... Unless toi want to repeat the "I'm a mentally and emotionally unstable villain who hates my life" thing!

Sorry if toi guys don't like any of the things I have stated, but thats life! Deal with it! This has been bothering me for far to long and I thought SOMEONE needed to say it! l’amour toi guys!
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