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posted by Robin_Love
NOT my fanfic. sadly. But a little enjoyment. proving MY little bird is always a win! XD

"You're going under cover." A wide, excited grin slowly spread it's self across Robin's face at his mentor's words. Batman pulled up a video of a night club, the type that if Robin even thought of going to he would be grondid indefantly.

"This is Moon Lights Club." Pitcher came up over the video. Thay were pitchers of teens, barley older than half of the team. "All these teens have gone, missing in the last three weeks. Vanishing without a trace. You're mission is to go in, and try to recover any useful inframation on there disappearances."

Robin cackled happily, ignoring the warning glance Batman was shooting him. "Piece of cake boss." The boy wonder turned, and started out of the room. "Remember, I'm good at making people talk." Batman sighed pinching the brick, brig of his nose.

"That's the only reason you're allowed on this mission young man." He turned back to the others. "Keep an eye on him. Dismissed." Robin cackled agen as he slipped out of the room, and down the hall, leaving his Friends to stare after him confused.

~One heure Later~

"All right, I oafishly hate this mission." Artemis glared down at the rather small dress she was being forced to wear. It was a pretty shade of green, with a small slit up one of the thighs, and spaghetti straps. She had her hair pooled up in a half poney tail, and vary light, but pretty, make up on. All courtesy of Robin.

Wally stared at her wide eyed. "Wow Arty toi look great." She shot the red head a glare before turning around to hide the slight blush on her face. Wally was wearing a red button down long sleeved shirt, dark back pants, and stylish, but fake, glasses.

"You're looking nice too Wally. Red looks good on you." Wally blushed slightly, and grinned at Megan. "Thanks Megaishis. toi look stunning as ever." Megan was in a plane black dress close to being as short as Artemis, her hair down in thick curls, and glittery, but still sutel, make up. Agen courtesy of Robin.

Megan smiled back at him. "Thanks Wally. And Conner toi look great to." She blushed, and tucked sum of her curls behind her ear, not quit able to meet the teen krypton's eyes. Conner was in a black button down, blue jeans, and his brown jacket.

He gave Megan a small smile. "Thanks Megan." Megan blushed agen. "I feel very silly in this." Kaldur walked into the room. He was wearing a navy blue chemise that covered his gills perfectly, dark blue pants, and a light jacket.

"Don't be silly Kal. toi look absolutely handsome." Kaldur blushed slightly at Artemis' comment, smiling at the young blond. "Thank toi Artemis, I must say that toi two lady's look absolutely beautiful." The girls blushed, and giggled happily.

"Where's Rob? Isn't he brun foncé, dun getting ready?" Wally was looking annoyed. He wanted to get this mission started. "I'm right here, Kid Inpatients. And I'm not Robin. Tonight my name is Alexandru. It means Defender of Mankind in Romanian."

Robin's voice held a thick, but not off pouting, Romanian accent. Every one span around to see Robin standing in front of the door. He had on a silky looking black button down, black skinny jeans, he was slightly taller (lifts in the shoes), and the damn craziest storm culled eyes thay had ever seen.

"Robin your eyes!" Wally zipped over, and got in close to his best friend's face. Robin stepped back, his think accent still going. "God, personally Mulberries bubble here! Translation:God, personal bubble here dude! And there contacts. No toi still can't see my real eyes."

Wally gave his friend a confused look. "All I under stood of that first thing was god, bubble, and here." Robin rolled his eyes. "It's Romanian. I'm a gypsy so I thought it would be fighting toi know?" He turned to leave.

"Now come-on we have a mission to do." Snapping out of there stunned dazes thay all fallowed the younger boy out of the room. "You ladies look breath taking par the way. I do not think the boys will be able to keep away from to lovely fleurs as you're self's."

Robin looked over his shoulder, and gave the girls a look that seamed half way between a smirk, and a smile. Megan and Artemis blushed at his comment. The boy had to resist the urge to roll their eyes, and say "Robin, such the lady killer." as thay interred Megan's ship.

~Half A heure Later.~

Five of the six teen's sat in one of the booth, trying their best to keep things cool as thay served the club. For these five the club life was just a littil to whelming, and thay were forced to sit till thay had their wits about theme ones agen.

"God will toi look at him! How can he be that calm and collected in here! Look he's even talking sum girl up!" Wally had to yell for most of his Friends to hear him over the loud music. He pointed off to the medal of the room were the dance floor was.

Robin was just inside the edge of the dancers talking to a pretty girl who was way older thin him. Robin looked completely at ease as he chatted the girl up while thay danced. He had his hands on her hips, as her arms were draped around his neck.

"Conner can toi hear what they're talking about?" Though Artemis was normally moor respectful of her team mates privacy, she was beyond curious to know what the boy wonder was saying to get this girl so raped around his finger.

"He's complementing her I think, and is talking about how good she'd look on his bike. And she's saying that his accent is…" He trailed off blushing. No one had to even guess what the girl must have sed to him. "Now he's asking about the missing teens."

Kaldur held up his hand. "That's good Conner. As long as he's keeping his head on the mission." Thay all watched stunned at Robin led the girl off the dance floor. The two disappeared in the crowd. "We shod probably get out there two."

Artemis took Megan's hand, and pulled her from the both. "Come-on Meggles you're sticking with me." Megan cast one last look at the rest of her Friends as she was dragged off. "Um, ok Artemis." Wally stood up after thay diapered.

"No way I'm letting Rob, I mean Alexandru; montrer me up in a club. I'm goanna go see if I can find anyone who knows anything about what were looking for." He gave the remaining two boys a wave before walking off into the crowd.

"I guess we shod go to." Kaldur nodded in agreement as Conner stood up. The two walked off, keeping together in order for a seen not to start. The night seemed to drag on forever. Kaldur and Conner ended up feting less inframation this thay had hoped for.

Wally had gotten sum good info, but still it was small, and shaky. Megan, and Artemis had gotten hit on moor thin gotten any info, and what info thay had gotten was from females in the ladies room. And Robin, well Robin surprisingly had the best of luck.

~In Megan's Bio Ship~

"How did toi get all that info? We barely got anything at all!" Robin pushed Wally back from his face. "Idiota. Que posso porque sei como encanto a girl em dizer me nada quero." *translation:Idiot. I can because I know how charm a girl into telling me anything I want.

Wally blinked a few times. "Was that Romanian?" Robin shook his head. "No that one was Portuguese. I got tired of Romanian for the night." He grinned at his Friends mischievously. "So seeing as toi guys got littil info, duz this mean toi got lots of digits?"

Wally laughed fishing out pieces of paper from his pocket. "Scored five!" Artemis rolled her eyes. "Me, and Meg got offered a copal but we turned em down." Megan nodded in agreement. "Same with us." Conner jerked his thumb in Kaldur's direction.

"What about toi Robin? Did a few girls give toi there numbers?" Robin shook his head. Wally started to laugh. "Awww did mister populaire get shot down par the lades."

Robin polled out a clip stuffed with pieces of paper.

"I got 30 of em. Not goanna call though. There just go in the trash with the other billon I get whin on patrol, and save sum girl." Robin stood up, and started to leave the bio ship, amused par the look of shock on his friends' faces. "What can I say? The ladies l’amour a bad boy."
 The ladies l’amour a bad boy! ;D
The ladies love a bad boy! ;D
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posted by Zatana
"Um, Batman?" I ask, although I am still a bit starstruck, I mean how many people get to meet THE BATMAN?"Is this going to hurt? The spell I mean?"
"This should not hurt," He tells me, although there is something in the way that he a dit it tells me he might be lying.
"Well okay then, I guess I should get this over with." The suivant thing I know, Zatanna says some kind of gibberish and Dr. Fate is shooting a yellow beam at me, then suddenly it is dark.
What is going on, I call out, all I can see is darkness, I have a felling I might be dead and that nobody can hear me. Then suddenly a bright blue...
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La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
posted by SapphireCat22
Artemis' POV:

I couldn't sleep. After restless hours of tossing and turning, I finally gave up any hope that I would be able to get any sleep tonight. I sat up in my bed, my thoughts attacking my mind.

Where has Wally disappeared to?
Why is he missing?
When will I see him again?
Is he even alive?

It had been two months since his disappearance and I was not sure how to live with myself. I felt responsible for his disappearance. My sister had warned me many months il y a that if I did not stop seeing Wally, something bad was going to happen to him. If she had actually hurt him, I was not sure. But I could...
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(Video Credit: Listen2ourHearts)
welcome to the montrer
La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
britt nicole
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So.....yeah.....Aprils Fools. I GOT toi
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The Hiatus:

what if the YJ hiatus



what if

we are left with the story we have.

We don’t know what happened to Kaldur.

We don’t know if Dick’s plan worked.

We don’t know if Artemis and Wally ever saw each other again.

We don’t know if Superboy and M’gann got back together.

We don’t know if Steph and Tim became canon.

We don’t know who is marrying Raquel.

We don’t know if Zee and Dick get back together.

- zuzuandnightwing @Tumblr

Okay, my super fantastic amazing ultra awesome jour was extremely TAINTED par the fact that Young...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Wally sat back on the couch. Since Dick couldn’t go to the films Wally decided to stay home. He had piles of potatoes chip bags and buckets of chicken surrounding him. He was watching T.V and eating when Barry came in and saw the mess.
“Wow Wally I wonder how your mother’s going to react this mess”
“They’re out. But I’ll clean this up in a flash before they come back ” Wally a dit pun intended.
“What are toi doing here uncle Barry?”
“Your parents asked me to check up on you” Barry said. “Hey I thought toi were going to the films with Robin”
“He canceled. Bats made...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Fifteen:

Nightwing ran to the wreckage. He picked up a large piece of debris and tossed it to the side.


Barbara appeared suivant to him, yelling for Revenge's female counterpart.

"Infrared is picking up nothing." Barbara said. She put a hand on Nightwing's shoulder. "Dick, I'm sorry."

Debris moved a few yards away. Nightwing looked up. The debris continued to shift until a silver colored figure emerged from it.


Revenge growled and brushed a piece of château off of him. His suit was completely gone. Titanium plating, which was all that was left, made him look like a super-soldier...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Thirteen:

Revenge and Nightwing ran up the stairs, the girls following. Revenge disabled guards almost as if he knew they were there. Stab, kick, punch, burn to a soggy pile of metal and flesh.

Cassie raised an eyebrow.

"Is he a time-traveller ou something?" she asked.

Holly and Revenge didn't reply, Nightwing smirked.

About the third flight of stairs, Cassie stopped.

"Do toi smell...smoke?" she asked.

The others stopped and smelled. It did smell like smoke. Then they saw it: the flames dancing up the cage d'escalier, cage d’escalier behind them.

"Go! Go!" Nightwing yelled.

The girls ran past him. Revenge didn't make...
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