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posted by Robin_Love
Robin's Point of View

I lay suivant to Becca on her bed. When I put her down, she wouldn't let me go until I agreed to stay with her. I knew her well enough to know she was scared, that she needed me. So I stayed. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling every shake of her body. Her head was buried into my chest, although I'm not sure if she was asleep. But she quiet, telling me she just wanted me close. And I was willing to hold her. My emotions were running wild. Hearing that the one toi love, the other half of you, is going to die within two weeks is traumatizing. But she wanted it. She wanted to keep me sûr, sans danger and, in turn, had chosen l’amour over selfishness. I buried my face into her hair, my tears starting to fall. She shifted against me, coming closer. I held her as tight as I could.
“Robin what's-”
“Please don't go,” I interrupted.
“Don't leave me! I can't live without you! I can't!”
“My love, please. toi aren't helping.”
“Don't die Becca! I won't let toi die!”
She whispered my name and I Lost it. I broke down, crying almost hysterically. All of a sudden, I didn't care if anyone knew who I was. I didn't care if I looked weak and sensitive. I didn't care what the others saw ou heard ou did. My cœur, coeur belonged to this girl. And she was slowly dying from the magic. Nothing in my life had prepared me for this. My parents had died but I had never known they would. No body had suspected it. But Becca was my soul, my heart, my everything. My world revolved around her. To loose her would be like a thousand fires burning toi from the inside out while everyone just looks on. I loved this girl with everything I was.
“Dick please. My cœur, coeur can only take so much.”
I finally looked at her. She was wounded and dying. It made me want to cry even more. Her shaky hands moved to remove my mask before playing with my hair.
“Promise toi won't leave. Promise toi won't make me live without you.”
Becca looked at me, eyes shinning with tears. I swallowed against the lump in my throat. No matter all the times we had, no matter how we were going to spend the suivant two weeks, it didn't matter. I still knew she was leaving even though I fought it with everything inside of me.
“ beautiful Becca...”
A tear slipped from her eye. She was trying hard to fight and I knew she would never give up without a fight. She came as close as she could, wanting nothing plus than to hold me. And I wanted nothing plus than to touch.
“Why must one bird endure so much?” I whispered.
“Because this little bird...risks everything...for her Robin!”
Her voice broke and the tears came. Seeing her in pain and crying sent me into tears as well. She brought her lips to mine and I responded greedily. This was my bird, my Sparrow. No one had the right to take her away from me. No one had the right to threaten her, stone her, beat her. She was mine and I refused to have her be harmed ou killed. This bird was mine.
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Source: Miss Martian & Artemis
posted by Robin_Love
 Wally and Willow
Wally and Willow
I do NOT own the characters!!!Except Becca.

Willow sat up on the mountain, looking at the stars. There were so many. So many places her parents could be. She wondered where they were, why they had donné her up. A sound made her turn her head. She smiled with relief when she saw who it was.
“Hey. toi wanna go to dinner?”
She nodded.
“Sure. Sounds like fun.”
Wally smiled and Willow saw the devious glint in his eye. She took his hand and he led her to the back of the mountain.
“I thought we were going to dinner?” she asked.
“We are.”
Willow gave him a strange look but her...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Becca, gothique Princess
Becca, Gothic Princess
Becca looked up as her mother went out the door. She whispered to one of the guards and then reentered the room. Becca gave her a look but Kendra just smiled coyly. A seconde later, a girl about two years older than Becca entered the room. Her long blonde hair fell to her knees, her eyes as red as a spring rose. She was dressed in a blue gown, similar to that of her mothers.
The two hugged and Becca looked up into Fiore's eyes.
“How did toi survive? I thought he killed you!”
“Anton is great with weapons but my magic is stronger.”
Becca's eyes teared up again as her...
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posted by Robin_Love
He felt numb. He felt slow. He didn't like it. Everything inside him was crying for warmth. He could barely déplacer his head. His eyes opened and he looked around. Everything was darkened, minus the light from the three liquids runnning into the three “invulnerable” heroes. He heard a sound to his right and turned to look that way. Robin was moving around. He looked like he was dreaming. And he was mumbling.

Connor heard the words before he even opened his eyes. It was Robin's voice. And the words were bringing tears to the clone's eyes. He heard everything loud and clear and just about broke...
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Okay I am a super fan of young justice an I have a fav couple... Yeah u guessed it Artemis and wally... Eeekk But then something terrible happens!! Oh and wally is an A hole at the beginning so ya he spose to be

DISCLAIMER: I do not own young justice

RATING: PG For sexual content not like the nasty but kissing.

Any way so I made a story for them!! And sorry for my spelling if it's bad..!! And i spelled toi like u cuz it's faster.
U= you
Cuz= because
Y= why
And kshk is the radio okay!

          She's Dead?!?!?

The team is at Mount Justice while Artemis is on a mission.... 

"Where's Artemis?" Wally...
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 I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I woke up in robins room did I sleepwalk here?
Robin was awake but he did`nt want to disturb me in my sleep.
Robin did I sleep here?
"Um. yeah pretty much toi came in the middle of the night shaking cause there were thunderstorms"
Ohh.Well lets get ready long jour ahed of us.
I got up from the lit and got ready I headed down stairs and opened a portal to Mt.Justice Robin followed.

Recognized Robin B02 FireBlaster B07
Hi guys,everything okay here?
"yeah!come on we have to pick out everything all the details givem to me!"Inquired M`gann.
Hold on toi guys know ou did Robin tell you?
everyone was quiet.
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 It was apurple Ribbon and a Purple dress.
It was apurple Ribbon and a Purple dress.
I woke up and got ready like always I went down stairs and there was a note it said:


When toi read this note please head over to Mt.Justice asap okay and if toi have no idea what asap means its as soon as possible.see toi here


Okay whats with the letters hes been leaving me those ike for a week now saying I l’amour you,Xoxo.
I better get there and not keep this up im lucky to have him with me.

When I got there every guy was in a tux I had a stupid expresion on my face.
M`gann came running to me almost half dressed her hair half done saying:Glad you`re here come on lets get toi ready!...
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