So gauys this is just what I think and I dont wanna start a fight with any of toi becuz of this so.

Robin: He's not the traitor and we all know that he would ever do that. Maybe I´m saying this becuz I'm a big Dick Grayson fan but toi know...
Wally: NO WAY!!
Artemis: So many ppl think she's the traitor but after I read a commentaire from 66_Dragons I a staring to think that the maker's of the series are just trying make us think that she is but she's not relly. I mean she's not he only one with secrets. And so she's got a bad famiy..
Aqualad: So Sportsmaster told Aqualad that there was a traitor on his team and no one else heard it. Why whould he tell the traitor thare that was a traitor?? and they plus I think of that Atlanis episode thay plus I think he's not the traitor.
Superboy: Many ppl also think that Superboy is the traitor he just doesn't know,but he was created as a weapon not as a spy that's why I dont that he is. And he is a clone of Superman toi think Superman would ever do that to his team?
Miss Martain: Okay here we go I think Miss.M is the traitor. We know that she's not a green martain, she's a white one and thay hate the earth and I think she's helping some bad wite martains to take over the world. Martan Manhunter a dit that she had the most powerful mind he had ever seen. I think she just messd up his mind and change thing's in his head so he think's she's nice,think about it. And I think she is using Superboy I mean they live together in the cave and that mean's she haz plenty of time to mess with everything and everybody.
NO ONE: and maybe Sportsmester was just trying to mess with Aqualad's head,don't know about Aqualad but it totally workd on me.

So this is just what I think so Martain amoureux dont hate me.