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The mountain was asleep, Willow tossed and turned in her sleep everytime she closed her eyes there he was, Aero smiling at her with his evil green eyes. She closed her eyes long enough to see Aero throwing her down onto the bed, she screamed and sat up as tears sprung from her eyes, " just a dream just a dream....." she mumbled to herself, she looked around her dark room and saw a shadow that looked like someone but it was just a shadow of radio on her dresser, she covered her eyes and finally decided that she wouldnt be able to sleep.

Wallys bedroom door creaked open and Willow steppped in, " Wally... can i sleep in your room tonight i cant sleep..." she whispered, " mhmm..." Wally mumbled, Willow shut his door and crawled into the side suivant to him, he was at his side and Willow cuddled into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist, Willow stiffened and Wally felt her very uncomfortable, " toi alright.." Wally asked taking back his arms, Willow sighed and shook her head trying to fake a smile, Wally sat up which made Willow sit up to, " if your uncomfortable toi can tell me..." he said, Willow looked down into her lap, " im just scared cause Aero did that to me.... and im scared that y-" Willow a dit but didnt get to finish when Wally started talking, " wait toi think im going to hurt you?" Wally asked, Willow tried to say something but nothnig came out and she looked away from Wally, " Willow toi have to understand im not going to hurt toi i l’amour you...." Wally said, " but toi dont understand what im going through.." Willow a dit quietly, Wally scoffed, " i understand how scared toi must be but toi have to understand that your sûr, sans danger now he cant hurt toi anymore" Wally said, Willow looked at him with anger " how would toi know! its not like everytime toi close your eyes toi see him and what he did to toi replays in your mind" Willow said, Wally looked down for a minute then back up at Willow, " i didnt know toi were feeling like that....b-" Wally a dit but didnt finish becuase now Willow interupted him, " no toi dont he took away my peice of mind and now im living in torture" Willow a dit trying not to cry. Wally looked at her with sadness in his eyes and hugged her tightly, Willow hugged back as tears sprung out of her eyes, " i l’amour you.... ill help toi through this no matter what...." Wally mumbled into her ear.


" Andrew tell me what he was talking to toi about toi havent talked to us in days" Becca said, Andrew looked at her then looked away, " aghhhhh your just like Steel! your keep all of your secrets bottled up inside!" Melinda yelled, Andrew looked over at all of them now, " i dont want to stress Willow out plus then she is already" Andrew said, Becca glared at him, " i need to know Willow is my sister your not even related to her" Becca said, " just leave me alone to think!" Andrew yelled his eyes turning green, he exploded some lights and walked out, everyone looked at eachother, what was making him so angry?.
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I opened one eye and expected to see my usual panda lit sheets and beside me a pile of story livres but instead I saw handle bars...Odd, I don't remember installing handle bars at the side of my bed. Never mind, I wake up later to ask mom...Wait a minute-I quickly shot out of lit and looked around. Where am I? The walls are so white, why am I in a hospital? I must get out of here. "Ouch!" I yelled I looked at the Slash down my chest, it was sewed up but it still hurt."You should get some rest, but since you're up, start talking." I turned around towards the window, someone who looked quite short...
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"Aqualad, what's the suivant song?" Aqualad gave him along, measuring look, but then pulle the suivant slip of paper out.

"Sexyback Justin Timberlake for…all the guys?"

Artemis burst into a fit of laughter. Even Miss M looked amused. Artemis was gasping for breath, ignoring the nasty glares she was getting.

"We're NEVER gonna live this down," moaned KF. The rest of the guys looked just as grim. Their mentors would laugh at them, most definitely.

"What, if we actually do this song right?" a dit Speedy slowly. "We could make this song not sound ridiculous for us. If done right, this song could be very...
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Wally had asked Willow to spend an evening with him, she was reallly excited because lately she never had any alone time with him, Willow was busy in her room trying to find what to wear when a knock was heard at the door, Willow went to the door and opened it, it was Becca. Becca peared in to see clothes all over Willows room floor, she gave her a look, " Wally ask toi on a date?" she said, " howd toi know" Willow a dit trying to keep away from giggling, " oh no reason....." Becca said, Willow smiled, " can toi please help me with something" Willow asked, " sure what is it?" Becca replied,...
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Chapter Three-

Robin's cell phone rang and he answered it.

"Robin, did you-"

"On my way." the Boy Wonder said, stepping into the zeta tube and hanging up on the Dark Knight.

Wally pressed his ring and his suit ejected. He quickly joined Robin in the zeta-tube.

"Recognized, Robin. B-01. Kid Flash. B-03."

A moment later the two were in the downtown area and Wally swore Robin transported to the spot where Barbara was on the ground.

Barbara's mask was off, and at the site of the scarlet speedster, she moved to put it back on.

"Don't worry." Robin a dit supporting her head. "He knows pretty much everything."...
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" Fine whatever i dont care!" Willow screamed and ran out of mount justice, tears streamed her face as she ran down the streets and to the docks and sat looking at her reflection in the water while the rain dropped all over in the water covering up and ruining her full reflection. She covered her face with her hands and leaned against a post while still sitting at the edge of the dock, how could their relationship have gone so wrong?, she knew the ansswer to it but didnt like thinking about it ou knowing it was true, it was all Artemis she a volé, étole him, how could she do that i thought she hated...
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Luna placed Becca on the bed. Her anger boiled inside of her and she tried not to let those tears show. She had graduated haut, retour au début of her class. As a warrior, Luna couldn't montrer emotion. And she wasn't about to insult her master's friends. If she could call them that.
“Luna? What toi a dit about watching their tongues...was that true?”
“Very much so. Are toi alright?”
Becca shook her head.
“No. I feel weak. My cœur, coeur feels saddened. How could they do that to me?”
“I'm not sure master.”
“I want toi to call me Becca when we're alone.”
“Of course.”
Becca gave a small...
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Why…. Cant…We…Get…Out?!” Becca huffed with each word. She, Eclipse and Vampyre, were all trying to get out. Even though Vampyre was a bit of a lone wolf, they all needed help to get out. Though to no avail. Even with Eclipse’s magic, Vampyre’s power and knowledge, and All of Becca’s skills they couldn’t get away out of the training room. As they tried to find a way out they talked about their reality’s well Becca and Eclipse did Vampyre stood and listened but was aloof.
    They were supposed to be in their rooms but at the last seconde Eclipse got an...
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“No way! Cassie was lying!”
Artemis growled in anger. She had been scanning the security cameras (she'd seen Robin hack them a few dozen times) and was disturbed par what she saw. And now that she thought about it, Cassie had been attempting to get the Superboy's attention. And Artemis was mad!
“I can't believe this! Becca, you've got good senses.”
Artemis walked down the halls, trying to find the others. She eventually found them sitting in the living room. The guys were listening to Cassie talk while Megan baked in the kitchen. Becca sat at the counter, silently fuming. Artemis joined...
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“How are you?” Becca asked as she sat in her boyfriends dark room.
She sat against the headboard, Robin's head in her lap and his body between her open legs. Her hand was petting his hair and his mask lay somewhere on the floor.
“I don't know.”
“What's wrong baby?”
“I don't know.”
“Life getting toi down?” she whispered.
“How so?”
“Everything's just so...disastrous, heavy on the dis.”
Becca smiled at his wordplay but it disappeared at his suivant few words.”
“Sometimes I want to give up being a hero.”
“Why? You're wonderful.”
“There's too much going on....
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