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Sorry it's been so long, but I'm back!
Note: This Fanfic will be finished on Christmas Day!

Chapter 9-

En-route from Bologna to Venice, Italy
11:24 CET December 19

Wally zoomed along at haut, retour au début speed across Italy. He was traveling as fast as he could go, and kept speeding up. He was well past the sound barrier and nearing the speed of light. When he finally slowed down, it was because of hunger.

"I'm starving. I need something to eat." he said. Artemis grabbed a few hotdogs and the two ate them, before speeding off again.

Pacific Ocean
14:23 CET December 19,


"Clark, is that you?"

"Uh, yeah, Lois. Look, I'm sorry, but I can't make today's press conference with President Luthor."

"Is it just me, ou are toi avoiding him?"

"No, Lois, I have urgent business."

"And what could be plus urgent?"

"uh...Doctor." Clark replied.

"What've toi got? Chickenpox?"

"No...Um, Ive got... Flu."

Clark could practically hear Lois roll her eyes over the phone.

"Whatever Smallville, just get in the office soon ou Perry'll have your head."

A beeping chimed in Clark's earpiece.

"Lois, I've got to go, talk to toi later."

Clark cut off the cell phone connection with Lois and answered his earpiece.

"Superman here."

"Clark, the children are going after Artemis's mother." Batman said.

"I thought toi a dit they were on their way home." The Man of Steel said.

"Most." Batman said. "Kid Flash and Artemis have gone to rescue her mother. Get there fast ou there will be nothing left of them to save."

"Roger, we're approaching land."

Superman cut the line and looked at the other flying Heroes including Green Lanterns, the Hawks, Martian Manhunter.

"Double time!" he said. "Kid Flash and Artemis are in trouble!"


Outside Venice, Italy
17:23 CET December 19

Wally came to a half outside the watery town. He let Artemis down and the two climbed up the building suivant to them. Artemis ran and jumped onto the suivant building. Wally followed.

The duo were soon at the end of the street. They climbed down and a volé, étole a boat. Wally grabbed an rame and used his super speed to propel them down the street, leaving Artemis gripping onto her seat.
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Made par Youtube user RedHeadedBishiesROCK. Song is "Poker Face" covered par Blowsight. Enjoy!! :D
La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
under the red capuche, hotte
jason todd
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"Aqualad, what's the suivant song?" Aqualad gave him along, measuring look, but then pulle the suivant slip of paper out.

"Sexyback Justin Timberlake for…all the guys?"

Artemis burst into a fit of laughter. Even Miss M looked amused. Artemis was gasping for breath, ignoring the nasty glares she was getting.

"We're NEVER gonna live this down," moaned KF. The rest of the guys looked just as grim. Their mentors would laugh at them, most definitely.

"What, if we actually do this song right?" a dit Speedy slowly. "We could make this song not sound ridiculous for us. If done right, this song could be very...
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“No way! Cassie was lying!”
Artemis growled in anger. She had been scanning the security cameras (she'd seen Robin hack them a few dozen times) and was disturbed par what she saw. And now that she thought about it, Cassie had been attempting to get the Superboy's attention. And Artemis was mad!
“I can't believe this! Becca, you've got good senses.”
Artemis walked down the halls, trying to find the others. She eventually found them sitting in the living room. The guys were listening to Cassie talk while Megan baked in the kitchen. Becca sat at the counter, silently fuming. Artemis joined...
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“How are you?” Becca asked as she sat in her boyfriends dark room.
She sat against the headboard, Robin's head in her lap and his body between her open legs. Her hand was petting his hair and his mask lay somewhere on the floor.
“I don't know.”
“What's wrong baby?”
“I don't know.”
“Life getting toi down?” she whispered.
“How so?”
“Everything's just so...disastrous, heavy on the dis.”
Becca smiled at his wordplay but it disappeared at his suivant few words.”
“Sometimes I want to give up being a hero.”
“Why? You're wonderful.”
“There's too much going on....
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