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“No way! Cassie was lying!”
Artemis growled in anger. She had been scanning the security cameras (she'd seen Robin hack them a few dozen times) and was disturbed par what she saw. And now that she thought about it, Cassie had been attempting to get the Superboy's attention. And Artemis was mad!
“I can't believe this! Becca, you've got good senses.”
Artemis walked down the halls, trying to find the others. She eventually found them sitting in the living room. The guys were listening to Cassie talk while Megan baked in the kitchen. Becca sat at the counter, silently fuming. Artemis joined the two girls.
“You were righ Becca! Cassie attacked you.”
“Thanks. Tell that to them!”
Becca jerked her head towards the others before turning away.
“She disgusts me!”
“Same,” Artemis admitted.
“I wish she would go die in a black hole!”
Both Becca and Artemis froze. Sweet, innocent Megan had, for the fist time EVER, wished a horrible death on a person. Megan never did that! But after a minute, Becca smiled.
“You've got some feu in toi after all! Good girl!”
Artemis smirked, lightly slapping the back of her friend's ebony covered head.
“She means you're a lot plus fierce than we thought.”
“I know. But Cassie just won't stop. No matter what I do.”
“Don't worry Megan,” Becca supported. “We won't let her get away with anymore.”
“I'm going to download the video I found so I can montrer it to the others,” Artemis said.
Becca and Megan watched, disgusted par the way the guys were hanging on Cassie's every word.
Both looked up at Artemis, whose face was drawn in panic.
“What?” Megan asked.
“The video. It's just-gone!”
“How? That's not possible unless somebody deleted it!”
“Who could have deleted it?”
Becca looked over at Cassie. Her keen eyes found one of Robin's gant lying on the table. Cassie must have worn it, deleted the video, and taken it off.
“Cassie,” she announced, a growl in her throat.
“That little-! I'm gonna KILL her!” Artemis raged.
“I'll help you,” Becca volunteered.
“Not me.”
“Why not Meg?”
Megan didn't answer but both followed her line of sight. Cassie was laughing at something and had put a hand on Connor's shoulder. Becca and Artemis looked back at their friend and saw the unmistakable tears appear. Megan flew out of the room.
All eyes went to the two girls, but they were too busy following Megan to notice.
Miss Martian B05 Artemis B07 Shade B06

Megan sat in the pouring rain, her salty tears running down her already wet face.
She turned her head. Becca and Artemis; they had followed her out. They each sat on either side of her. Megan shuddered and Becca handed her veste over. Artemis herself looked freezing but neither moved. Megan accepted the veste and put it around herself.
“Megan please don't cry.”
It was Becca's voice. But it sounded sad and worried; something Becca usually wasn't.
“Why'd she have to go after Connor? My Connor!”
“Cassie's a blonde,” Artemis answered. “We l’amour to start jealous rivalries. And she's obviously scared of Becca. Otherwise, she would have finished that fight without screaming.”
“Besides, Connor has plus feelings for toi than toi know. And even if Cassie tries something completely stupid, which I expect, Artemis and I will be there to stop her. And protect you.”
Megan smiled a little, head resting against Becca's shoulder.
“Thanks. toi two are the best.”
“We know.”
Megan gave a small chuckle and curled closer to her friend. She mewed happily, hands stroking her hair comfortingly. Artemis stretched her legs over Megan's, leaning back on her hands.
“I wish it would stop raining,” Artemis grumbled.
“I kinda like it,” Megan admitted. “It draws a certain beauty out of the Earth. What about toi Becca?”
“I'm scared of it.”
“My dad died on a rainy night. As did my mom. My sister cashed me in the rain storms. I've grown to fear it. And the storms plus than the water.”
“I'm sorry,” Megan apologized in a whisper.
“It's not your fault. But I think we need to get out of the rain. And I know just the place.”
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Artemis POV

I sat in the sand looking around me, Robin was sitting traverser, croix legged in the sand on his computer, Wally was teaching Aqualad how to surf although Aqualad never asked, Superboy and Megan was playing volley ball together but Red Arrow was missing. I sighed as I moved to the side and reached into my bag, I took out my mp3 player and started to play the first song, "how do toi sleep". I closed my eyes and started to sing to the song, convinced that everyone was too busy to notice. I started chant louder when suddenly I felt some one was staring at me. I opened one eye and saw Red Arrow...
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Chapter 4: Two Sides to Every Story

Robin sat crouched on a gargoyle of one of Gotham's many tall buildings. He stared down at the city with narrowed eyes, waiting for some sort of chaos to happen. Cars zoomed left and right on the streets and pedestrians shuffled on the sidewalks.

"Having fun?"

Robin pulled a Batman and didn't even have to look to see who it was. He'd recognize that voice anywhere. "Batgirl," he a dit curtly. "You shouldn't be out here."

Batgirl, standing on the ledge, leaned against the building wall. "Why should I let toi and the old Bat have all the fun?" She plopped...
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La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
What I do in the bathroom...while getting ready to go to the cave...Enjoy.
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